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Huangshan Hongcun tourism where to live? These places are good!

Many people travel to Hongcun every year. Which is the best place to stay in Huangshan Hongcun? Hongcun is located in Yi County, Huangshan City. Up to now, there are still hundreds of ancient dwellings with white walls and green tiles, which enjoy the reputation of "village in Chinese painting". There are a lot of B & B facilities in Hongcun, most of which are transformed from traditional Hui style buildings with full charm. Accommodation is also available outside the village. Because there is no car in the village, many photography lovers choose to live outside the village, which is convenient for self driving, parking and carrying equipment.

What are the accommodations in Hongcun scenic area?

Hongcun deyuelou Inn

Deyuelou is located in the center of Hongcun village next to Yuema. Open the window to see the full picture of Yuema. Opposite is the 900 year old Wang ancestral hall. This used to be the scene of "China on the tip of the tongue". You can have a taste of famous dishes in the hotel restaurant, such as braised mandarin fish and bacon casserole~

Price: from 234 yuan

Hongcunju Shantang Inn

The inn used to be the residence of officials in the late Qing Dynasty. There are many carved buildings, lanterns and paper umbrellas, and a waterside garden. It is known as one of the top ten hotels in China. In addition to the good living environment, the catering also has local characteristics.

Price: from 150 yuan, what are the accommodation outside Hongcun scenic area?

What are the accommodation outside Hongcun scenic area?

Hongcun ruisongyuan Inn

The inn is located outside the west gate of Hongcun village, 2 minutes' walk away. It is very convenient to visit the scenic spots. The inn is the ancestral residence of the owner's family. It is a typical Hui Style Building with a long history. Under the care of the owner, it is full of flowers and plants, and the living environment is fresh and natural.

Price: from 158 yuan

Hongcun Tongxin exquisite B & B

One of the popular B & B hotels outside Hongcun village is located beside the big tree at the entrance of the village. It is very convenient to enter and leave the scenic area. The main reason for the success of B & B is that the owner is so nice. He not only helps to book tickets, but also serves as a free tour guide. The dishes are delicious and worth experiencing~

Price: from 154 yuan