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How many months is it best to go to Yuelu Mountain? Yuelu Mountain fun place recommendation

It can be said that the development of Changsha is relatively fast in recent years. At the same time, there are many interesting scenic spots in Changsha. But if you go to Changsha, you must go to Yuelu Mountain to have a look. There are many places of interest in the scenic area, and the environment is also very beautiful, which is very suitable for taking some ancient style photos. So, what's fun about Yuelu Mountain? There are many places worth visiting. Do you know what month is the best time to visit Yuelu Mountain?

What's fun about Yuelu Mountain

The first thing to go to Yuelu Mountain is to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the scenic spot. There are luxuriant trees in the mountain, and ancient and famous trees can be seen everywhere. The second thing is to visit scenic spots and historic sites. Yuelu Academy and aiwan pavilion are all famous historic sites. Yuelu Mountain is also a huge 'Botanical Museum'. There are ancient and famous trees, such as Podocarpus arvensis in Jin Dynasty, Ginkgo biloba in Tang Dynasty, Cinnamomum camphora in song and Yuan Dynasties, maple and chestnut in Ming and Qing Dynasties. There are many maple trees growing in the mountains. It has become a romantic thing for Changsha City to come here to see the red leaves from mid November to early December every year. The best route of Yuelu Mountain scenic spot in Changsha

How to visit Yuelu Mountain

The scenic area has two entrances, one is the south gate and the other is the east gate. The east gate also becomes the north gate. Most of the cultural attractions are close to the south gate, including Yuelu Academy at the foot of the mountain, aiwan Pavilion in Qingfeng gorge, gulushan temple with a history of more than 1700 years and Yunlu Daogong Palace at the top of the mountain. In addition, there are tombs of Huang Xing, Chen Tianhua, Cai E and other revolutionary martyrs in the mountains. The east gate of the scenic spot is close to the lower station of the cableway. The upper station of the cableway is Nanniwan villa. There are some scenic spots nearby, such as Yu Wang stele, python cave, etc.

Friends who want to go to Yuelu mountain still recommend that they come from mid November to early December. It's just the maple season. The red leaves all over the mountains are spectacular, and there will be a lot of tourists.