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How high is Everest?

As we all know, Mount Everest is the largest in the world, and it is also a place that explorers all over the world yearn for. Many of them stay there forever in the process of exploration. So, how high is Everest? Why do people like to go from Nepal to Mount Everest?

How high is Everest?

What climbers climb is the overall height. The snow cover height (total height) adopted by Nepal and other countries is 8848 meters (29029 feet). In 2005, the rock surface height (bare height, i.e. geological height) measured by the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping of China was 8844.43 meters. Since 2010, the measurement data of two heights have been recognized.

Snow cover height: it is conducive to the study of ice and snow thickness change and global atmospheric change, and is also used by climbers. Geological height: conducive to the study of the uplift and decline of the Himalayas (13 million years ago, Everest was more than 12000 meters). Why do most people like to enter Mount Everest from Nepal?

Why do most people like to enter Mount Everest from Nepal?

Although it is planned to be within the territory of China, its whole south slope is actually in Nepal, so it is also called the third goddess. Nepal is on the mountainside, while China is at the foot of the mountain. China's route forms a huge section, and the whole hillside is very steep. The southern part of Qomolangma is different from the steepness in China, where the climate conditions and safety factor are high.

Another reason is that in China, in order to protect the ecological environment of Mt. Everest, the number of people will be limited every specific season. Therefore, many foreigners come here by air. But this practice, but let Chinese tourists have praise.

Climbing Mount Everest requires not only courage, but also a strong economic foundation. It's a 'game' between the rich and nature. The price of climbing the north slope is as high as US $50000 to US $60000 (in China), and it costs US $40000 to enter from Nepal.

Despite the high service charges, the accidents caused by climbing Mount Everest have never stopped. After the first successful ascent in 1953, nearly 300 people have died on the way. Even so, it still can not stop the desire of explorers from all over the world to climb the world's first peak.

The base camp of Mount Everest is 5200 meters, located in Dingri County, Shigatse, with a straight-line distance of about 19 kilometers from the top of Mount Everest. Here you can see the magnificent Everest and the daily life of the climbers.