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When will Kaifeng Chrysanthemum show start? Best places to enjoy chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemum is the city flower of Kaifeng. Kaifeng has a long history of chrysanthemum cultivation, which began to take shape in the Tang Dynasty. In 1983, the Standing Committee of Kaifeng Municipal People's Congress decided to name the chrysanthemum as the "city flower" of Kaifeng City, and decided to hold the "chrysanthemum flower fair" in October every golden autumn. Since 2000, Henan provincial Party committee and government have designated Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Flower Fair as a provincial Festival. Kaifeng is the only city that holds an annual meeting based on Chrysanthemum. So, when is the Chrysanthemum Exhibition in Kaifeng? Where is Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Exhibition held? How much is the ticket of Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Exhibition?

Liu Yuxi, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, described Kaifeng Chrysanthemum as "every chrysanthemum is yellow, and Liang garden is only like frost". To the Northern Song Dynasty, Kaifeng Chrysanthemum is more famous. During the Double Ninth Festival, there are not only flower fairs and chrysanthemum competitions among the people, but also chrysanthemum cultivation, chrysanthemum branch planting, chrysanthemum lamp hanging, chrysanthemum wine drinking, and even chrysanthemum flower fair in the palace. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the custom of cultivating and appreciating chrysanthemums was still popular in Kaifeng. When Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty visited yuwangtai in Kaifeng to appreciate chrysanthemums, he left behind the famous poem "maple leaves and black leaves fall, frost flowers and white chrysanthemums pile", which was engraved on the "Qianlong Imperial stele" preserved in today's yuwangtai park. After the founding of new China, especially since the reform and opening up, the traditional custom of Kaifeng people loving chrysanthemum is still strong.

When is the Chrysanthemum Exhibition in Kaifeng?

Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Exhibition time: October 18 to November 18 (refer to last year)

Where is Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Exhibition held?

Main venue of Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Exhibition: Longting Park, tianbofu, Iron Tower Park

Sub venues of Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Exhibition: Qingming Shanghe garden, China Hanyuan garden, Wansui mountain, yuwangtai, etc