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Where to enjoy chrysanthemum in China? Five most famous chrysanthemum exhibitions in China

Now it's autumn, and it's time to enjoy the chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum is one of the top ten famous flowers in China, one of the four gentlemen (Meilan Zhuju), and also one of the top four cut flowers in the world. Chrysanthemum shows are held in many places every year. What are the famous chrysanthemum exhibitions in China? Where is the Chrysanthemum Exhibition famous in China?

Where is the famous Chrysanthemum Exhibition in China?

Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Culture Festival

China Kaifeng Chrysanthemum fair was held in 1983. Every year, a chrysanthemum flower fair in Kaifeng is held in October, and chrysanthemum is named Kaifeng City flower. In 1994, the 12th Kaifeng Chrysanthemum fair was renamed "China Kaifeng Chrysanthemum fair". Since 2000, Henan provincial Party committee and government have designated Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Flower Fair as a provincial Festival. Kaifeng is the only city that holds an annual meeting based on Chrysanthemum. October 18 to November 18 every year is the meeting period of chrysanthemum flower festival. Since October 18, 2012, Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Festival has been renamed as Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Culture Festival. The renaming shows that Kaifeng Chrysanthemum will show the world its unique charm culture in a cultural form.

Beijing Chrysanthemum Culture Festival

The outdoor exhibition of Beijing Chrysanthemum Culture Festival focuses on creating a magnificent landscape of flower sea in the earth, with a total area of more than 300000 square meters of various flowers planted, including 47000 square meters of newly planted flowers, involving the use of 57 fine flower varieties and more than 10 million plants. During the flower exhibition, the flowers that first appeared in the park, such as flower flower, flower tobacco, flower chrysanthemum, Ornamental Pepper, five color chrysanthemum, star flower, and emerald, will bloom together with the rare open-air fine flowers such as drunken butterfly, Scutellaria barbata, sulfur chrysanthemum, ageratum japonicum, ornamental castor, medal chrysanthemum, snow leaf lotus, and echo with the fine chrysanthemum planted outdoors.

Tongxiang chrysanthemum Festival

Tongxiang, named by the Ministry of agriculture, is the hometown of Chrysanthemum in Hangzhou, China. It has been planted for more than 300 years. The petals of Chrysanthemum in Tongxiang are as white as jade, and the stamens are as bright as gold. The color is elegant. More importantly, the taste of chrysanthemum here is sweet and cool, and the medicine and food have the same origin. Therefore, it was listed as a tribute by Hangzhou government in the Ming Dynasty, hence the name of Chrysanthemum in Hangzhou. Tongxiang City holds chrysanthemum festival in early November every year to show the rich chrysanthemum culture to tourists.

Nantong chrysanthemum Festival

Nantong and Kaifeng, chrysanthemum is its city flower. Every October 28, Nantong will hold a one month Chrysanthemum Exhibition. In the Nantong Chrysanthemum Exhibition, more than 700 varieties of chrysanthemums will be displayed, with 200000 pots of chrysanthemums. Every year, a large number of tourists will come here to enjoy the chrysanthemums and experience the long history of Tangzha park.

Zhongshan Xiaolan chrysanthemum Festival

Xiaolan is known as "Jucheng". The chrysanthemum culture runs through the history of Xiaolan. At the beginning, there were 'Jushi' and 'jushe' and other non-governmental organizations. Later, it gradually evolved into a 'Yellow Flower Club' once every 10 years. Xiaolan people's traditional art of cultivating and weaving chrysanthemums has been handed down from generation to generation and has been carried forward continuously. Especially in the aspect of weaving chrysanthemums, Xiaolan people have extraordinary craftsmanship and constantly set new world records. In history, when chrysanthemums were in full bloom, all kinds of chrysanthemum ornaments were put together by different families to compete, which was called "chrysanthemum trial". Later, it developed into a chrysanthemum Festival, which lasted from several days to more than ten days. The activities mainly included appreciating chrysanthemums, racing chrysanthemums, chanting chrysanthemums, painting chrysanthemums, tasting chrysanthemums, floating colors on water, chrysanthemum opera, etc. Xiaolan chrysanthemum club is a unique folk traditional comprehensive Flower Club, which takes flowers as the medium and makes friends with chrysanthemums.