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What month and date does the salt official begin to watch the tide? Do you want a ticket for the Yan

Yanguan is a thousand year old city, located in the Hangjiahu Plain on the North Bank of Hangzhou Bay, Zhejiang Province. With its long history, splendid culture, moving legends and spectacular tidal bore, the ancient city can be described as a one-day tour for thousands of years, with all the wonders of the city. The scenic spot integrates natural wonders and cultural splendor, and wins with the tide scenery of Haining and the style of Yanguan ancient town. Now can be the best time to watch the tide, salt official tide is also a good choice. So, do you know when the salt official's tide watching will start? How much is the ticket?

Haining can watch the tide every day, and Yanguan has spring tide every month

Today's (September 17) Yanguan 'yixianchao' tide news is expected to be 13:35 on the day tide and 01:05 on the night tide

Tomorrow (September 18) Yanguan 'yixianchao' tide news is expected to be 14:05 on the day tide and 01:35 on the night tide

The next day (September 19) the time of Yanguan's tide news is expected to be 14:35 on the day tide and 02:05 on the night tide. Do you want tickets for Yanguan's tide scenic spot? How much is the entrance fee?

Tourism strategy of Yanguan tidal area

1. Opening hours: 8:00-16:30 the latest admission time: 16:30

2. Admission fee of tide Resort Park: 80 yuan;

3. Tel: 0573-87617200;

4. Address: No.1 Guyi Road, Yanguan scenic spot, Haining, Zhejiang Province;