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Wang Yibo, Zhao Liying's new play has Fei shooting site revealed, are you ready to meet by chance?

This summer, a production and content are not top-notch "Chen Qing Ling" with the trend of dark horse, not only gained 8 points of Douban score, but also directly promoted the two stars Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan to the position of Xiaosheng. After Chen Qing Ling, Xiao Zhan's movie Zhu Xian is on the air, and the TV series "more advice for the rest of your life" will also start shooting. Wang Yibo's new play has also been confirmed to cooperate with Zhao Liying, who returns after childbirth, in "you Fei".

According to the Red Star News reporter, during the Mid Autumn Festival, Wang Yibo and Zhao Liying have come to Chengdu one after another to prepare for the new play you Fei. According to people familiar with the matter, the play is expected to be launched in Chengdu this month and will be shot in many places in Western Sichuan.

It is reported that the director of the play is Wu Jinyuan, a famous director in Hong Kong, China. He has cooperated with Zhao Liying in the biography of Chu Qiao. His works include the biography of the swordsman, the lonely empty court, the late spring, the intrigue of the beauty, the thrilling step by step, I have a date with the zombie 2, and the story of finding Qin, etc.

This time, Zhao Liying plays Zhou Fei, a heroine born in Shanzhai and growing up in troubled times. From the perspective of Lu Touzhao, Zhao Liying is full of heroism in white clothes, and has a perfect fit with her role. Are you excited? ​