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Is the Palace Museum worth visiting? Ticket prices of the Palace Museum

Many people are sure to punch in the Forbidden City when they travel to Beijing. But when you log in to the official film purchasing system of the Palace Museum, you will see that in addition to the entrance tickets, there are two other museums selling tickets on the front page of the Forbidden City, namely the so-called clock and watch Museum and treasure Museum. We are not familiar with these two museums, so there is a problem Is it worth going?

Is the Palace Museum worth visiting

There are about 82 clocks and watches in the Palace Museum, 21 in China and 61 in foreign countries. The shape and workmanship of each watch are very elegant and exquisite. Here we can quietly enjoy the colorful cultural customs and long cultural heritage left by thousands of years of history and culture. Those who have a better understanding of history can go and have a look, otherwise they are just looking at things from scratch.

Tickets for the clock and watch Hall of the Forbidden City

The tickets of the clock hall and the Palace Museum are sold separately. If you are interested in the clock hall, you can buy the tickets of the clock hall by the way when you buy the tickets of the Palace Museum. The ticket of the Palace Museum is 40 yuan, while the ticket of the clock hall is 10 yuan per person. There is no explanation in the clock hall, so you just need to enjoy the exhibits.

Xiao Bian thinks that whether the clock and watch museum is worth visiting mainly depends on people's understanding and love of cultural relics. Of course, friends who are interested in history will be very interested, while those who do not understand history and are not interested in cultural relics may feel bored.