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Do you charge for the ticket? Air ticket re signing process

In recent years, many people prefer to travel and travel by plane. For many people, the purchase of air tickets is scheduled in advance, so the price of air tickets is relatively cheap. There are many entrances to buy air tickets, which can be purchased on the official website of the airline company, or on the third-party agent website. However, we will definitely encounter this situation. Air tickets need to be changed or unsubscribed, and we have to pay more attention How to deal with the ticket?

Air ticket change process

It should be noted that if you buy a discount ticket, you don't support ticket re signing (before the plane takes off), and there is no re signing option for some small successful low price tickets.

And the ticket is not too much trouble, where you buy tickets to consult where the customer service staff, but many times the airline customer service are very busy, if you want to get through a phone call is also a long time.

In the third-party agent website to buy tickets, we can recruit agent website customer service consultation, and put forward to change.

It is worth noting that recently, there have been a lot of enlarged third-party websites of air ticket agents with low service attitude or non implementation, which has brought trouble to many users. How much do you charge for the ticket?

How much will be deducted for changing the ticket

According to different airlines, the rules of ticket rescheduling are also different. Some large airlines change tickets free of charge for the first time, and they will earn 10%, 20% and 50% of rescheduling fees for the second time, while some airlines do not support voluntary rescheduling.

So if you don't take a plane for business every day, try to set your own schedule when you buy a plane ticket. It's very troublesome to change the ticket.

Ticket cancellation and ticket change are basically similar. Generally, 5% refund fee will be charged 24 hours before departure, 10% within 24 hours before departure, and 20% within 2 hours before departure. Many small airlines are not allowed to cancel tickets.

Most of the time, the ticket cancellation and change need to deduct money, and some of them can end. But when dealing with these things, be careful to guard against cheaters. If you want to cancel or change the ticket, you should find the customer service staff in the place where you buy the ticket.