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How much is the ticket to Luoyang Longmen Grottoes? How long is it suitable to play?

When it comes to Luoyang, everyone should know! The most famous scenic spots in Luoyang are peony and Longmen Grottoes. Longmen Grottoes is one of the most famous scenic spots in Luoyang, Henan Province, and has been listed in the world cultural heritage list. In addition to the famous peony flowers in Luoyang, Longmen Grottoes is also a must visit scenic spot. How much is the ticket for Longmen Grottoes? How long does it take to visit Longmen Grottoes?

How much is the entrance ticket of Longmen Grottoes

The full price ticket is 60 yuan / person, and the half price is 30 yuan / person. Longmen Grottoes scenic spots (including Xishan grottoes, Dongshan grottoes, Xiangshan temple, Baiyuan) and other tourism projects, 60-69 years old (inclusive), 6 years old (excluding 6 years old) to 18 years old (excluding 18 years old) minors, full-time university undergraduate and below students can enjoy half price discount with relevant certificates; Senior citizens over 70 years old, soldiers, disabled people, journalists, etc. are directly free of charge by virtue of relevant certificates. Tourists who enjoy preferential tickets can only go to the window of the scenic spot to buy tickets, but not online.

How long does it take to visit Longmen Grottoes

The friends who visited Longmen Grottoes suggested that we should reserve enough time to savor the cultural details of Longmen Grottoes. It is suitable for almost 3-5 hours. The grottoes are divided into two parts: the Xishan and Dongshan. The Dongshan grottoes are mostly works of the Tang Dynasty. The Xishan grottoes were excavated in the Northern Dynasties and the Sui and Tang Dynasties. They are part of the essence of Longmen. There are 2345 niches in the Longmen Grottoes, 2800 more inscriptions and 2800 pagodas. There are more than 100000 statues. Stepping into Longmen, you will be in a thousand year old art treasure house. The magnificent carving art will shock your heart and give you a visual feast.

The carving art of Longmen Grottoes is very exquisite, which is worth visiting. Friends who don't know much suggest hiring an interpreter, so that they can understand its culture and increase their knowledge.