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Can high speed rail bring wine? List of regulations on carrying wine on high speed railway

Nowadays, many people like to travel, many people like to take some special products home, we all know to take some wine home. High speed rail and motor cars can bring you Baijiu Baijiu? How much liquor can you bring with you?

Regulations on carrying alcohol for trains, EMUs and high speed railways:

The provisions in train train do not exceed 100ml alcohol, which is rather vague for liquor. Because we know Baijiu and red wine, it is also said that the train regulations do not specify that liquor should not be allowed.

1, the railway only has restrictions on alcohol, and there is no restriction on bulk baijiu. If there is no restriction, it can be carried at will, but it can't exceed 10kg.

2. no more than 20ml of nail polish and 2018 new rules for motor vehicles. No more than 100ml alcohol, cold perm essence, no more than 600ml mousse, fermentation, sanitary insecticide, air freshener!

3. No more than 100ml of alcohol, normally only two bottles, each 500ml look. Beer is not restricted, the quantity of red wine and yellow wine is also controlled loosely, Baijiu usually carries 2 kilograms.

4 Baijiu Baijiu can not be brought to the train, but sealed bottled Baijiu can bring the train, 10KG, diplomatic personnel 35KG, when exceeding the excess part of the need to collect freight, train and liquor with more than the number of restrictions, can be checked.

5, Baijiu liquor should be originally packaged and used for personal use. Baijiu liquor in plastic oil bottles or beverage bottles can easily crush and burn. The police at the security department will confiscate the inflammable and explosive products.