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How many days is national day off in 2019? From what date?

Now it's less than a month away from the national day. Now everyone can decide their own time and have a fun trip! However, it is worth mentioning that this year is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China. At that time, the 70th anniversary celebration of national day will be held in Tiananmen. Friends who do not plan to travel can also watch the live broadcast at home. So, how many days is national day off this year?

The National Day holiday schedule has been determined. Every year, October 1 is the traditional national day of our country, which is the day of the founding of the people's Republic of China. Every year, there are seven days to celebrate the national day. Moreover, some years and Mid Autumn Festival together, long holidays, you can get together with family and friends.

The National Day holiday time in 2019 has been determined. According to the spirit of the notice issued by the general office of the State Council, this year's National Day holiday is seven days. The holiday time is as follows: October 1 (National Day) to 7 for a week; September 29 (Sunday) and October 12 (Saturday) for work. Please arrange your work and life in advance, pay attention to safety during the festival, and have a happy and peaceful holiday.

This year's festival is also more coincidental. October 7 is the Double Ninth Festival. If you have time to climb the mountain with your family and enjoy the beautiful scenery of autumn. National Day holiday notice holiday time has been determined. Are you ready for this holiday?