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How many months does carnation bloom? Keep the carnation fresh!

When it comes to carnations, everyone should know! The flower language of carnation represents passion, charm, tenderness, true love, mother, I love you, warm blessing, love you, kindness, maternal love, tolerance, mother's flower, rich family, affectionate, pure love. So, do you know how many months carnations bloom? How long does it bloom?

Carnation is a good cut flower variety with bright color, rich aroma and long flowering period. Suitable for all kinds of flower arrangement. It is usually made up of beautiful gladiolus, asparagus, asparagus and ferns. Dwarf varieties can also be used as potted ornamental plants. Flowers can also be seasoned. With the rise of mother's day, this kind of delicate, delicate, elegant, solemn, generous, quiet and fragrant flower is becoming more and more popular in the world, and has become a big flower seller in the world.

When do carnations bloom?

There is no constant standard for the flowering time of carnations, because the flowering time varies according to different varieties. There are single season flowering carnations and annual flowering carnations. Generally, the flowering time of carnations sold on the market is relatively long. Some artificial cultivated carnations can bloom for one year, while natural cultivated carnations can bloom between April and September.

Carnations are popular in cool, dry, sunny and well ventilated environments. Normal sunshine conditions can promote the flower bud differentiation and flowering of carnation. Carnation has good cold resistance and poor heat resistance. The optimum growth temperature is 14-21 ℃. When the temperature is above 27 ℃ or below 14 ℃, plants grow slowly.

Under long-term conditions, the time of flower bud of carnation was much earlier than before, and the day length had little effect on the differentiation of corolla. At the same time, the number of days from the beginning of flower bud to the completion of flower bud and flowering has nothing to do with the day length or variety, generally about 30 days. From this we can also know that the early and late flowering of different varieties of carnation has nothing to do with the process of flower bud differentiation after flower bud germination, but only depends on the time of flower bud germination.

Preservation of Carnation

If we receive carnations or buy some carnations from the store, how can we keep the flowers fresh? Or extend the storage time of flowers. The first way is to cut it in water. In addition, we can also put a small amount of water in the bottle, but the water needs to be changed frequently. In addition, we can add some substances, such as boric acid, to keep it bright. Of course, the concentration of boric acid should not be too high, which is feasible at about 2%.

The above is the relevant knowledge of carnation flower brought by Hua Er Gu. Besides its ornamental, its flower can also be used to extract essence. In addition, it is also a kind of medicine that can be used as medicine, and can also brew tea. It is widely used.