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Jiaxing Mid Autumn Festival moon where to go? Jiaxing Mid Autumn Festival moon best place to recomme

The Mid Autumn Festival is coming soon. It's the best time to enjoy the moon. In fact, you don't have to go to the West Lake in Hangzhou to enjoy the moon in Jiangnan. The bright moon in some surrounding cities also has a unique charm. Among them, Jiaxing is a good place to enjoy the moon. In the ancient town of water, the night is more artistic. So, Jiaxing Mid Autumn Festival where to enjoy the moon better?

Jiaxing Mid Autumn Festival where to enjoy the moon better

Yanyu building

Yanyu building is located in the island in the center of Nanhu lake. It is famous for the view of "light rain is coming, light smoke is all over the lake, climbing the building and overlooking the distance.". Fresh water, green forest, pavilions, pavilions, scattered, each other into a picture. When the moon is full, invite friends to climb the Yanyu building to enjoy the beauty of the moon. Leaning on the fence, you can have a different taste.

Autumn moon in Shu Lake

Bailuzhou, the scenic spot of North and South Lake, is known as the autumn moon of Shu lake, which is also one of the eight ancient sceneries of Shu River. On the night of the Mid Autumn Festival in the eighth year of Zhengde in the Ming Dynasty, sun Yiyuan, Xu Xiangqing and other famous literati went boating on the lake, chanting poems and singing peace, which was well-known. After Xu Tai, a poet of the Ming Dynasty, came here to enjoy the moon, he once wrote a poem praising: "in autumn, osmanthus flowers are on the lake, and the moon and sea are full of painted buildings in those days. It is like the night of the six bridges in Qiantang, which is still called little Hangzhou. The Yuelu Lake in Bailuzhou has formed the landscape features of the South and North Lake, with islands in the lake and lakes in the island. The water surface is calm, and the scenery of lakes and mountains is reflected in it. It is also a good place for the north and South lakes to enjoy the moon. Next to it is the inscription "Autumn Moon on Shu Lake" by Mr. Chen Congzhou. There are stone lanterns beside the water. The faint light is reflected in the water, and it is opposite to the clear sky and the bright moon, forming a natural picture of "the full moon is clear and dewy, and the color of the water is brighter". Eat moon cakes, enjoy the bright moon, talk about family, and enjoy yourself. In particular, the cool wind blowing from the Bay and lake far away, and the refreshing and mellow camellia, you can enjoy the happiness of your family.

Esplanade Park

Sit on a bench in a seaside park and tell your child the story of Chang'e running to the moon, or just walk on the seawall and look up at the bright moon in the sky, so that you can completely calm down. You can also spread out a plastic tablecloth and put some moon cakes on it. You can sit by the sea, listen to the waves and feel the unique atmosphere of the sea. You can chat and enjoy the moon with your family and friends on the beach, one in the sky and the other in the water. We need to remind the public that comfort is comfort, but we must not neglect safety.

Yuehe ancient town

On the night of the Mid Autumn Festival, the moonlight is bright, accompanied by the gurgling River, which is simply the most beautiful enjoyment.

Yuehe ancient town, also known as Yuehe old street, is located in Yuehe Historical District, Nanhu District, Jiaxing City. One street and one scene here is also the most representative city card.

The slow rhythm overflows the streets and lanes here. The old style, beautiful water scenery and the simplicity of the villagers have deeply attracted every visitor. The town is built along the river, connected with Bridge Street, deep house, courtyard, Riverport Langfang, arcade and riverside Pavilion. It is a typical small bridge and flowing water family in the south of the Yangtze River.