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All scenic spots in China's most willful city are free of charge

There are many cities in China, and each city has enough tourism resources to develop. The vigorous development of tourism industry has promoted the development of local economy to a certain extent. Now many areas are vigorously developing local tourism! Nowadays, many people like to travel, when traveling, budget is a very important thing. Accommodation, choice of travel mode and so on, all of which cost money. But in China, there is a city tourism, travel and attractions do not need how to spend, most of the money spent on accommodation and shopping.

This place is Macao. Macao is a special administrative region of our country. Every year, a large number of tourists come here to play, and there are many Chinese and foreign tourists.

Macao's gambling industry is developing very well, and there are many hotels. And there are many world heritages in Macao, and many scenic spots are free. Compared with the bus, fisherman's Wharf and so on, they are all worth visiting, especially when the lights are on at night!

In Macao's airports, docks and customs, some hotels offer free bus services to attract customers. Some of them stop at the free bus TV tower to save transportation costs.