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Where are the new online attractions in Chongqing? The glass suspension bridge is out!

Chongqing is recognized as China's 5D network red city. In recent years, more and more people choose to see the beautiful scenery of the mountain city with their own eyes every holiday. So what places in Chongqing are particularly worth visiting?

What is the charm of a new net red spot in Wansheng, Chongqing, which is newly discovered in the past, but it is still fascinated by tiktok tourists?

First: the scenery here is good, because it is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, sitting on the terrain of Heishan, monopolizing the mountain and stone wonders. The air is so good that it is also known as a summer resort.

Tiktok: Second: the number of sightseeing projects is much. This scenic area is Ordovician. I believe that the little buddies who played the trembling must have seen the video of Ordovician on it.

The reason why these tourists don't want to come back to the Ordovician is that this scenic spot is so terrible! All kinds of exciting projects! After experiencing these projects, you will understand why you didn't regret selling medicine! Playing once is enough to make people breathtaking! Xiaobian thinks that the most challenging project of Ordovician is the stimulating triple jump, which is divided into three parts: step by step thrilling, step by step thrilling and extreme leap. A total of many levels are designed. It depends on courage to play this game successfully! Step by step startling is relatively simple among the three projects. The distance between each board is small, with an average interval of about 30cm. This is a walking project, which is more suitable for the partners who want to experience but are a little 'afraid', and it is also relatively easy to pass!

Step by step thrill is the upgraded version of step by step thrill. Step by step thrill is walking on the single wooden bridge, and the foot is the abyss. The main test of playing step by step thrill is people's balance and control. The single wooden bridge can only be exchanged with one foot, so the walking posture must be right, mainly testing the 'technique' of walking. If you want to walk boldly on the single wooden bridge, you must pay attention to the adjustment Use arm movements to keep balance!

If you like to pursue excitement, you must experience extreme leap. Extreme leap is the most difficult one. On the 300 meter cliff and the steel beam, there are many wooden platforms distributed at an interval of 30 cm. There is no guardrail or chassis. The whole journey is nearly 15 meters, and the intervals range from 0.8 to 2.5 meters. How can you get through? Of course, it's to tie a safety rope and walk over by yourself. You can't help looking down on it, because every step you take must be careful, otherwise it's really a 'extreme leap'! Simply enjoy the magnificent scenery of Heishan, while biting your teeth to finish this' thrilling 'journey! Life is not a free and easy, who is afraid of who!

Glass suspension bridge: a long life

In the Ordovician, there was only something unexpected and nothing unseen. The dynamic 'glass suspension bridge' is even more 'colorless' and' frightening ', which directly strikes the fragile hearts of tourists!

As the first fully transparent high-altitude glass suspension bridge in Southwest China, that is not so simple. The straight line is more than 300 meters above the ground, between the two mountains, spanning more than 150 meters. The most important thing is that it also has its own shaking effect. Compared with the shaking of the cable bridge, the shaking of the glass is undoubtedly more frightening. Stepping on the glass suspension bridge, the distance of 150 meters makes people understand the so-called 'long road of life' is a kind of hard feeling! Sometimes I meet a few bear kids who are not afraid of tigers. They deliberately shake the bridge body with big movements. That kind of sour feeling really makes the old aunt dare not move with the ropes on both sides of the bridge every minute. She just wants to cry!