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Is Singapore's consumption level high? What is the exchange rate between RMB and Singapore dollar?

Singapore is a diversified country. Many tourists from all over the world will choose to visit Singapore. With the development of economy, China's tourism industry is booming. Singapore is the choice for many people to travel. What's the economic level of Singapore, known as the 'garden city'? What is the exchange rate between RMB and Singapore dollar?

In Asia, there is a country with stable political situation and very safe and beautiful scenery. It is also called 'garden city' because of its high greening rate. In recent years, it has attracted many Chinese tourists to the country and some overseas students to study in the country. This country is Singapore.

Singapore is a capitalist country with good economic development. It is one of the four little dragons in Asia and the fourth largest international financial center in the world, with a per capita GDP of US $57714. However, Singapore is very small, only 720 square kilometers. As a result, Singapore is short of resources, and most of its daily consumer goods need to be imported from abroad. So the price in Singapore is very high. The per capita cost of living here is nearly 10000 yuan. As a result, Singapore has become the world's most expensive city for four consecutive years.

According to the exchange rate, if 1 SGD = 5.1384 RMB and 1 RMB = 0.1946 SGD, then 100 RMB can be converted into 19.4613 SGD.

What can 100 yuan buy in Singapore, which has the highest cost of living in the world? You don't believe that in Singapore, if you want to eat cheaper food, you can have a big meal. The food in it ranges from a few Singapore dollars to more than ten Singapore dollars. If you go to a restaurant or a famous restaurant, it will be more expensive, but generally it won't exceed S $30. Therefore, food in Singapore is still not expensive, but it will be very expensive to convert RMB into Singapore dollar.

S $20 is actually not expensive for local Singaporeans, because Singapore's per capita income is about S $3000, or 15000 yuan, which is relatively high in China. Therefore, the price in Singapore is very high, but the income is not low. Therefore, if you work and live in Singapore, you may feel the price pressure on tourists and overseas students in Singapore, because RMB 100 is not enough to spend here.

In Singapore, five imported Vietnamese pitayas are worth S $2.4, which is more affordable than China. Five oranges can be bought for S $1.62. Our Shanghai green, 250 gram yixinyuan, is about 10 yuan per kilo, which is a little more expensive than our domestic.

In contrast, Singapore's fruit juice is more affordable. It's only S $1.95 per barrel, and you can buy it for less than 10 yuan. Pure fresh milk costs about 26 yuan in Singapore. In general, the things you can buy in Singapore with 100 yuan are still relatively limited.

People who know Singapore say that Singapore's consumption is relatively high, with 100 yuan in China and only 20 Singapore dollars in Singapore, which makes many people feel the consumption gap. However, for those who study in Singapore or immigrate to Singapore, we all ignore one point, that is, although Singapore's consumption is relatively high, its income is also quite high, and the house price in Singapore is not high So it's a good choice to travel or study in Singapore.