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Mid Autumn Festival free travel where to play? Free travel in Mid Autumn Festival

During the Mid Autumn Festival, the climate in all parts of our country is gradually cool, and the autumn scenery is also gradually showing, so there are many places to travel. So, where is the Mid Autumn Festival free to play? On the Mid Autumn Festival, you can enjoy the moonlight in the famous lake, have a romantic holiday at the seaside, and enjoy the autumn scenery in the north.

Free travel in Mid Autumn Festival


Hangzhou is a beautiful city and a real paradise on earth. When you walk a lot of roads and see a lot of scenery, you will find that the scenery of Hangzhou is really unforgettable. Every mountain and water is full of aura, and the beauty is intoxicating.


Xiamen is said to be a sea garden with beautiful scenery. It is warm all the year round and surrounded by sea water. There are thousands of egrets living here. We have a romantic encounter with Gulangyu Island. Xiamen University is the most beautiful university in China. Putuo temple is an extraordinary place to visit. Come here in the Mid Autumn Festival, the climate is the most pleasant at this time, also just after the typhoon season, this time is also the best time to travel.


Qingdao has a long cultural history. It is known as "Switzerland of the East", "beer city of the world" and "Sailing City of the world". It is also the happiest city in China. Laoshan, Zhanqiao, May 4th Square, Badaguan, Olympic Sailing Center, gold and silver beach, big and small Zhushan and so on are all places worth visiting. At night in Qingdao, you can have a beer, a few barbecues, and a taste of Qingdao's seafood. The beautiful food will make you forget to return.


Dalian is such a magical city with sunshine, sea, beach and beautiful women. In the eyes of some people, Dalian is the most beautiful and romantic city in China. Dalian not only has the largest number of squares, but also has rich and colorful square culture, including green space, white pigeons, sculptures and fountains. Needless to say, there are also unique policewomen and waltzes in China. Famous scenic spots such as Xinghai Square, Bangchui Island, Tiger Beach Ocean Park and Jinshitan national resort are worth visiting.