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What should be paid attention to when traveling to Korea for the first time?

In recent years, many Chinese people like to travel abroad. South Korea is one of the more popular countries. South Korea is a very young country full of modern flavor, and it is also a paradise for shoppers. Therefore, many young people will choose South Korea to go abroad, and the climate of South Korea and some cultures are very similar to our country. In addition to the east side of the general tourist belt, South Korea is also a popular place to travel What else should we pay attention to?

Notes on Tourism in Korea

1. You can't bring any meat products, because the Republic of Korea doesn't allow passengers to bring meat products into Korea, and you can't bring plant seeds to Korea for fear of species invasion. What's more, you can't bring fake brand products into Korea, and you will be fined. It's better not to bring CD, and you will be detained.

2. The international roaming of China Mobile and China Unicom can't be used in South Korea. The purchased phone card or the phone in the hotel room can be used for domestic calls.

3. South Korea has a temperate climate with four distinct seasons. The average temperature is about 10-20 degrees in spring, 25-30 degrees in summer and 10-20 degrees in autumn. In winter, the average temperature is below 5 degrees, and the hotel and restaurant have heating.

4. South Korea is located in East nine district, one hour faster than Beijing in East eight district. That is, 7:00 Beijing time and 8:00 South Korea time.

5. Korean hotels don't give matching toothpaste, toothbrush, bath milk and other daily necessities. If you want them, you have to pay for them.

6. Korean food is mainly light spicy cold dishes, which is quite different from Chinese food habits. In order to prevent discomfort, some instant noodles and biscuits can be prepared.