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What do you eat when you travel to Yangzhou? Yangzhou special food can't be missed!

It was once said that life must have a journey to touch the soul. When you are young, you should go out to see the world, experience different human customs, and try all kinds of impossibilities. When you come to Yangzhou, you will slow down the pace of travel, because people here are used to enjoying life in a slow pace. So if you want to get the essence of slow life in this city, you must eat these delicacies. So, what delicious food are there in Yangzhou?

Braised Shredded Chicken with Ham and Dried Tofu

Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty once visited Yangzhou six times to taste Yangzhou food. One of the dishes, Jiusi soup, was highly praised by Emperor Qianlong. It was Yangzhou boiled dried silk

Sixi Tangyuan

Four happy people: rising sesame! Red bean paste! Capsella bursa pastoris! Round and full of pork! Sixi Tangyuan is not only a kind of delicious food, it condenses a strong feeling and conveys a kind of culture.

Shrimp seed dumpling noodles

Yangzhou shrimp seed dumpling noodles have a history of nearly one hundred years. Meat wonton with Yangchun noodles is made with lake shrimp seed. It is smooth and refreshing, cheap and delicious.

Yangzhou old goose

The meat is compact and delicious, which is the original Huaiyang flavor. In Guangling City, the streets and alleys of old geese stalls are blooming everywhere. Yangzhou old geese on the old geese stalls are worth a taste.

There are so many delicious food in Yangzhou. Some of them are even simple trolleys, but they are always the flavor that Yangzhou people miss. I hope you will like it too!