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Why are Chinese cigarettes cheaper abroad than at home?

Now many people like to travel abroad, and tourism shopping is essential. However, they found that many domestic products are also sold abroad, which are much cheaper than domestic products, including cigarettes. Chinese cigarettes in Korean duty-free shops are only 25 yuan per pack, while those in Japanese duty-free shops are 33 yuan per pack, while those in China are more than twice as expensive. Many people wonder why many things are cheap abroad and expensive at home? Is it fake smoke?

Why is it cheaper than in China?

1. Some people think that the main problem is domestic tax. Tobacco and alcohol tax is a relatively high tax in China, accounting for about 60% of the commodity price. And some tobacco and alcohol exported to foreign countries are not taxed, so the cost is also cheaper by more than half, and the price abroad will be much lower.

2. Some people think that tobacco and alcohol are harmful to our health, and the domestic high price is to make us smoke less and drink less. Foreign low price, is to let them smoke more, drink more. Is this the original intention of China's export?

3. Some people think that the domestic is flue-cured tobacco type, while the foreign trade is mixed type, and the price is not the same.

In fact, most of the cigarettes exported to foreign countries are purchased by local Chinese and Chinese tourists. Because there are many Chinese people in every country in the world, and there are also many smokers among them. They are not used to foreign cigarettes and always try to buy Chinese cigarettes. Therefore, the State encourages the export of cigarettes. On the one hand, it can create some foreign exchange. On the other hand, it is convenient for Chinese people working abroad to buy cigarettes.