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Fujian tourism to choose the right place is the most important!

When it comes to Fujian Province, you should be familiar with it. Fujian is a famous tourist province, and its mountains and waters are also famous. So, which places are better to visit in Fujian Province? Recently, the Ministry of culture and tourism announced the list of the first batch of national global tourism demonstration zones. Among them, Yongtai County, Wuyishan City and Wuping County were selected.

Yongtai County

Yongtai County is located in the central part of Fujian Province, southwest of Fuzhou City, adjacent to Minhou and Fuqing in the East, Dehua and Youxi in the west, Putian and Xianyou in the South and Minqing in the north, covering an area of 2229.86 square kilometers. The county is 68 kilometers away from the center of Fuzhou.

Wuyishan City

Wuyishan City, located in the northwest of Fujian Province, is the only new tourist city named after famous mountains in Fujian Province. In December 1999, Wuyi Mountain was approved by UNESCO to be listed in the world heritage list, becoming the fourth in China and one of the 23 world cultural and natural heritage sites. Wuyishan City has the first batch of national key scenic spots, national key nature reserves, national tourist resorts, national first-class air ports, national forest parks, national key cultural relics protection units, Chinese historical and cultural villages, etc.

Wuping County

Wuping is a key forest region in southern China, with a forest coverage rate of 79.2%. In the territory, there are many green peaks, crisscross streams and rivers, dense vegetation and various species. Many places belong to the original ecological broad-leaved forest which is rarely visited by people. The spring water is gurgling and clear, the pine wind and bamboo rhyme, and the bird whispers. It is known as the 'natural oxygen bar' and 'green gene bank'.