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Where do parents and children travel in China on National Day?

National Day is a legal holiday in China. Every year, there are a few days off for national day. Many parents take their children out to travel. So, which places are suitable for children to travel on National Day? What are the suitable places for parent-child travel in China?

Where is it good to take children to travel in China on National Day?

1. Guilin

Highlight: the best season in Guilin is from April to October every year. There are many scenic spots in Guilin, with beautiful scenery and fresh air. It's very pleasant to go boating on the Lijiang River to see the Shili Gallery, and the karst landscape is also very good. My own destination for the next trip

Recommended accommodation: there are many hotels in Guilin, and there are many characteristic B & B, but the most recommended one is Clubmed. This kind of hotel is all inclusive and free of charge! The parent-child club in Clubmed is suitable for babies of all ages.

Recommended scenic spots: Yangshuo, Lijiang River, Longji terrace, Shili Gallery, Xiangbi mountain, etc.

2. Yunnan

Highlight: in the south of colorful clouds, flowers bloom all the year round and the climate is suitable. Mountains, lakes, sea of flowers, snow mountains, terraces and other things make up the most beautiful scenery here.

Recommended attractions: Lugu Lake, Erhai Lake, Lijiang ancient city, Pudacuo National Park, Puzhehei

Recommended play: whether it's Lijiang or Erhai lake or Lugu Lake, there are too many homestays worth experiencing.

3. Dalian

Highlight: Dalian is quite suitable for summer. Although it's a little hot, it's close to the seaside and the sea breeze is very refreshing. Besides, it's close to families in the north, so you can get there by high-speed rail.

Recommended tours: sand digging by the sea (Jinshitan and xiajiahezi), Discovery Kingdom (theme park, big, rich in things to play, float parade, etc.), Tiger Beach Ocean Park, Shengya polar world

4. Lijiang

Key words: comfort, romance, warmth

Into Lijiang, into the wonderful journey. Walking in Lijiang, the city of amorous encounters, enjoying the simplicity and tranquility of Shuhe ancient town and experiencing the customs of Naxi, watching impression Lijiang directed by Zhang Yimou, experiencing the thrill of Tiger Leaping Gorge with zero distance contact with Jinsha River, and enjoying the spectacle of three parallel rivers in the first bay of the Yangtze river.

Lijiang is indeed a scenic spot worth traveling with children. Lugu Lake, Lijiang ancient city, Yulong Snow Mountain and Tiger Leaping Gorge are not very far away from Lijiang. It is a good choice to have flowers in full bloom in spring, cool in summer, cool in autumn and sunny in winter.