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Check the most beautiful night city in China, which one do you like best?

When choosing a tourist destination, many people value not only the day scenery of the city, but also the night scenery. Some people have compared them, but the night scenes of Shanghai, Chongqing, Xi'an and Guangzhou are so beautiful that they can't figure out who is the first.

1、 Shanghai

As the leader of China's economy, Shanghai, an international metropolis, attracts many tourists. Some tourists come directly to the night scene of Shanghai. When the night falls, people walking to the Bund through Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street are always black and blue. Traffic policemen can only arrange adult walls to guide traffic.

When you come to the buildings around the world, the magnificent buildings are amazing. With the golden light, these buildings become resplendent. Across the Huangpu River, the famous Oriental Pearl, it emanates light. At the moment, they have become the most eye-catching spots under the sky.

2、 Chongqing

As a red city, Chongqing has many famous scenic spots. When night falls, the whole 'mountain city' becomes a 'Lantern' with high and low levels, revealing Chongqing's three-dimensional feeling.

In a tree scenic spot, you can overlook almost the whole night scene of Chongqing. The lights are shining, enveloped in a joyful atmosphere.

3、 Xi'an

Ancient and simple Xi'an is praised by people for its cultural heritage, and the name of "Thirteen Dynasties" ancient capital makes it attract countless tourists. Many people come here always revel in its long history, but ignore its night scene.

The night scene of Xi'an is definitely worth appreciating. The Tang never night city reappears the flourishing age of the Tang Dynasty, and the lights illuminate the whole starry sky. The bell and Drum Tower in the center of the city is magnificent and magnificent. Defu lane has the Royal flavor of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, bringing the ancient simplicity to modern people. Xi'an at night, restless with simplicity, will show the best side to the world.

4、 Guangzhou

Guangzhou is the only city in China whose site has never been changed for more than 2000 years. What makes Guangzhou people feel most proud is that Guangzhou has always been one of China's business centers and the top ten cities in China.

Guangzhou at night, you don't need to go to Guangzhou tower to see the night view of the Pearl River, you just need to walk in the street, you can feel its prosperity. Row upon row of high-rise buildings stand tall, lights will illuminate the night sky, beautiful.

These four cities have an unparalleled position in China's tourism industry, and the night scenery is bright and moving. Who do you think is the best of them?