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Check the top ten most beautiful amusement parks in China, this is the paradise for children!

In recent years, many cities have begun to build amusement parks. We all know that amusement parks are a kind of comprehensive entertainment places, which are mostly built near densely populated metropolises. Tourism types belong to theme parks, that is, amusement theme parks. Do you know the funniest amusement parks in China?

1. Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland is located on Lantau Island, New Territories, covering an area of 126 hectares. It was officially opened on September 12, 2005. It is the fifth Disneyland in the world, the second in Asia and the first in China. The park is divided into seven theme parks, namely: American small town street, adventure world, fantasy world, tomorrow world, Toy Story base, grizzly Valley and maze manor. Grizzly Valley and maze manor are unique in the world. There are theme amusement facilities, entertainment performances, interactive experience, catering services, commodity shops and snack booths in the park. In addition, the park will present a parade performance and fireworks display every evening.

2. Guangzhou Changlong happy world

Located in Yingbin Road, Panyu, Guangzhou, Changlong happy world covers an area of more than 2000 mu with nearly 70 recreational facilities. With more than 70 sets of amusement facilities, Changlong happy world is a global large amusement park with the most investment and introduction in domestic equipment. Most of the amusement equipment are imported from Europe, and its design and technology maintain the international leading level. Its unique eight items are the best in Asia and the world, including: vertical roller coaster, ten ring roller coaster, motorcycle roller coaster, Pegasus family roller coaster, U-shaped skateboard, super water war, stunt show, super big pendulum, as well as the world's only vertical roller coaster and ten ring roller coaster Some of them are second, while the single investment of the vertical roller coaster is more than 200 million yuan.

3. Shanghai Disneyland

Shanghai Disneyland, the first Disneyland theme park in mainland China, is located in Chuansha new town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. It officially opened on June 16, 2016. It is China's second, the first Chinese mainland, Third Asia, and sixth world Disney theme parks. The park has seven theme parks: Mickey street, fantasy garden, Adventure Island, treasure Bay, tomorrow world, fantasy world and toy story; two theme hotels: Shanghai Disneyland Hotel and Toy Story hotel; one subway station: Disney Station; and many global amusement projects.

4. Beijing Happy Valley (4A scenic spot)

Beijing Happy Valley, founded by OCT Group, is a national 4A tourist attraction, new Beijing 16 sceneries and Beijing Cultural and creative industry base. It is an international and modern theme park. Located in the southeast corner of Sifang bridge, East Fourth Ring Road, Chaoyang District, covering an area of 560000 square meters. The first phase of the park, covering an area of 540000 square meters, was officially opened on July 29, 2006. The second and third phases of the park cover an area of 50000 square meters and 400000 square meters respectively. The park is composed of seven theme areas: fjord forest, Atlantis, lost Maya, Aegean Harbor, Shangri La, ant kingdom and happy hour (in addition to the fantasy aquarium in Aegean Harbor and happy world theme rafting phase III project).

5. Changzhou Chinese Dinosaur Park

Founded in 2000, Changzhou China Dinosaur Park creatively puts forward the '5 + 3' development mode of theme park, which covers theme education, theme amusement, theme environmental art, theme performance, theme commerce, management facilities, service facilities and media facilities. It is a dinosaur theme comprehensive amusement park integrating exhibition, science popularization, entertainment, leisure and participatory performance. There are seven theme areas, more than 50 extreme amusement projects and more than ten theme performances of various styles every day. Each visitor will return to the ancient and mysterious Jurassic era.

6. Fangte tourist area, Wuhu City, Anhui Province (5a scenic spot)

Wuhu Fangte happy world is located on the Bank of the Yangtze River in Wuhu, China. It is the fourth generation theme park in Asia, with a total area of about 1.25 million square meters. Fante happy world, with science fiction and animation as its biggest characteristics, is known as the Oriental Fantasy paradise and Asian science fiction magic. Wuhu's Fande joy world consists of 15 theme areas, namely, the new world of the new, the fisherman's Wharf, the space world, the mysterious valley, the Vesuvius volcano, the Lost Empire, the fairy Valley, the Liao Zhai, the dinosaur Peninsula, the conch Bay, the Toby farm, the children's Kingdom, the water world, the meteor and so on. The theme area includes 300 themes, amusement events, leisure and landscape projects, including many super For large-scale projects, most of them are suitable for all ages. On August 3, 2016, it was approved as a 5A scenic spot by the National Tourism Administration.

7. Shenzhen happy valley

Shenzhen happy valley is a new generation large-scale theme park of OCT Group and a national AAAAA tourist attraction, covering an area of 350000 square meters with a total investment of 2 billion yuan. It is a modern Chinese theme park integrating participation, appreciation, entertainment and interest. Happy Valley Theme Park has magic castle, 4D cinema, Sunshine Coast, Mayan water park and so on. There are more than 100 colorful amusement projects suitable for both young and old. In addition, there are dozens of colorful entertainment performances, integrating participation, viewing, entertainment and fun. It integrates the experience of sea, land and air. The joy is beyond your imagination.

8. Shanghai Happy Valley (4A scenic spot)

Shanghai Happy Valley, the brand of China chain theme park and national 4A tourist attraction, is located in Sheshan National Tourist Resort of Songjiang, Shanghai. It is a masterpiece invested by OCT Group with 4 billion yuan. The park covers an area of 650000 square meters, with more than 100 colorful experience projects suitable for all ages. It is one of the theme parks with large area, high technology content, advanced recreational facilities and rich cultural activities in China. There are seven theme areas in Shanghai Happy Valley: sunshine harbor, happy hour, Shanghai beach, Shangri La, happy ocean, gold town and hurricane Bay. There are many world science and technology entertainment projects introduced from the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and other countries.

9. Suzhou paradise

Suzhou paradise, located in the center of Suzhou high tech Zone, covers an area of 540000 square meters with a total investment of 600 million yuan. It is a national AAAA level theme park, recognized as the "highlight of China's third generation theme park", which is composed of water world and happy world. It is a modern theme park with the theme of Oriental Disneyland, featuring the liveliness, cheerfulness and magnificence of the Western amusement park and the leisure, tranquility and nature of the Oriental Garden, integrating participation, viewing, entertainment, leisure and fitness. Suzhou park also has rich cultural landscape. The whole park is divided into SUDI square, Shiquan garden, European and American towns, Caribbean storm and baishiguang There are many scenic spots, such as fairground, Venice water town, Scottish manor, Tianshi lake, future world, Hawaii world, children's world, etc.

10. Discovery Kingdom of Dalian

Dalian Haichang Discovery Kingdom theme park is located in the national 5A scenic spot Dalian Jinshitan national tourist resort, which belongs to Dalian Haichang Ocean Park. It is planned and designed by rpva company of the United States, which once participated in the design of Disneyland Park. The park covers an area of about 470000 square meters, adjacent to the ten mile Gold Coast and the fast rail station. Its amusement facilities, global style performances and colorful four seasons celebration theme activities have successfully attracted Chinese and foreign tourists. The supporting Discovery Kingdom resort hotel is close to the sea, which further improves the leisure function of the park and provides more convenience for visitors to the park. The park is divided into six scenic spots: Crazy Town, mysterious desert, metal factory, magic forest, legendary castle and wedding hall. Among them, each small theme park integrates different buildings, song and dance performances, commercial catering, entertainment facilities, etc. in different historical periods and different regional cultures, and each theme area has a story line running through it.