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What are the free admission attractions in Suzhou?

When it comes to Suzhou, I believe everyone should have an impression that Suzhou is a city with outstanding people and a well-known tourist city. Therefore, thousands of tourists visit Suzhou every year to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Jiangnan bridge and flowing water. So, do you know any free places in Suzhou?

Free admission scenic spots in Suzhou

Suzhou Museum

Suzhou Museum is just outside the Humble Administrator's garden. It is a proud work of I.M. Pei! After entering the museum, you can have a good look at the new building. It has the traditional Suzhou garden style. The dark gray roof matches the white wall. It is fresh and elegant. Because it is open for free, there are many people and tourists on holidays. Friends who don't like noise can visit it on holidays.

Eslite Bookstore

This is the first branch of Taiwan Chengpin bookstore in mainland China. It is not so much a bookstore as a comprehensive building with bookstores as the main body. The whole building is built with a sense of design. From the east gate, you can see the landmark 72 steps with a height of 18 meters and a width of 6 meters, which is very grand. A large number of books are sold in the bookstore, and the area for customers to sit down and read is carefully designated. In addition, exquisite stationery shops, dessert shops, coffee shops, restaurants and clothing shops are distributed on all floors. Many brands come from Taiwan, and literary and artistic youth can visit here all day.

Pingjiang Road

Pingjiang road is a historical street in Suzhou. It is the most complete preserved area in the ancient city of Suzhou so far. The old streets include Xuanqiao lane, Daru lane, Zhongzhang lane, etc. there are also many water lanes in the old streets, which have the characteristics of Jiangnan Water City. There are also coffee shops, bars, souvenir shops and other goods on the street. It's a good experience to spend an afternoon walking around here and taking photos.