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Where do the elderly go on Mid Autumn Festival?

The Mid Autumn Festival is a day of reunion. Every year, the Mid Autumn Festival has a holiday. At this time, for people who usually have few holidays, it is a time worth cherishing. Many people want to take their parents to travel, but the place is a little hesitant. You might as well go to these places suitable for the Mid Autumn Festival!


Sanya is the only city located in the tropical marine climate zone in China, which is very suitable for the elderly. Sanya is also the oxygen bar of nature. Every cubic centimeter of air in Sanya contains 1000 negative oxygen ions. In terms of air quality, Sanya ranks first in the country and second in the world. It is very suitable for the elderly to recuperate, especially for those who suffer from senile diseases all the year round. It is conducive to the alleviation of the disease.

Gulangyu Islet

Xiamen itself is a unique garden city on the sea. It is like spring all the year round. The environment is one of the best cities in the country. The Mid Autumn Festival is coming. It's a good choice to take parents and grandparents to Xiamen for tourism. Gulangyu Island in Xiamen is also the first choice for tourism. Let the elderly spend a leisurely afternoon on Gulangyu Island, breathe fresh air, and let them have a good experience To stretch and relax.

Dujiang Dam

Qingcheng Mountain Dujiangyan scenic spot was once rated as "the most favorite tourist destination for the elderly in China" for a reason. It is because the fresh and humid air of Qingcheng Mountain is very suitable for the elderly to travel. There is a retreat and health preservation festival for the elderly. The elderly can take care of themselves in the natural atmosphere. In addition, they can experience profound Taoism and health preservation culture.


"Switzerland in the East" is a metaphor for Qingdao. For Qingdao, this may be the most beautiful interpretation. People who come to Qingdao will be moved and intoxicated by the romantic seaside scenery. You can bring your parents and grandparents to Qingdao for swimming, sunbathing, or go to Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center to see the exhibits of the 2008 Olympic sailing competition. This is the best way to take a vacation.