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What are some interesting places for MINADO? Meinaduobiwan scenic spot recommendation!

In recent years, many people like to travel abroad, and Indonesia is one of the more popular tourist countries. As a beautiful city in Indonesia, Menado has the most island scenery in the world, and is one of the cities that many people must visit when they go to Indonesia. So, do you know any interesting spots in MINADO?

Must visit scenic spots in MINADO


Bunakan is the best diving place in MINADO, with more than 20 diving places. The park is composed of five small islands, Nain, mantehage, manadotua, Bunaken and siladen, which are crescent shaped coral reef islands. Bunakan national ocean park is the world's top cliff diving holy land, with clear blue water, 28 ℃ water temperature and comfortable and warm body. There are shocking submarine faults, world-class super luxury submarine coral wall, known as the great wall of the seabed. There are more than 300 kinds of corals, 3000 kinds of tropical fish, turtles and other kinds of marine life

Siladen Island

Siladen island is a quiet and original ecological island. It is undeveloped and has few people. The beach is soft and the sea is clear. It can not only snorkel, but also go out to see dolphins. If you bring children to play, it's very suitable here. Facing the dawn, go out to sea to find the trace of wild dolphins. When the dolphins jump out of the sea, the beautiful radian and the splashing spray will make you scream excitedly.

Blue blue

It takes more than two hours to get by car from Menado. Little Lambi is like an isolated island, but there are more luxurious and beautiful resorts than Menado. This is the birthplace of underwater macro photography. Many diving and photography enthusiasts come here as pilgrims. Because there is a channel 15 km long and 2 km wide, also known as the blue blue channel. The sea is calm without wind and waves, and there are many creatures in the ocean. It is the best diving point in the world.


Half of tomohong is sea water, generally volcanoes. There are two active volcanoes in tomohong, i.e. roken volcano and Yipu volcano. Therefore, tomohong is rich in hot spring resources, and local people like to come here for holidays and soak in hot springs. Come to tuomohong, you must not miss Wuse lake. Wuse lake is a sulfur lake. Under the sunlight, there will be many colors in the water. It's very pleasant to sit on the lake seat and enjoy the beautiful scenery with a cup of coffee.

White beach, rihaka

Lihaka island is an uninhabited island. It takes about 15 minutes to get to lihaka island by boat from menador wharf. Baisha island has white sand beach, Blue Glass Sea, clear water, high visibility, and is also very suitable for diving. You can clearly see the colorful coral reefs, colorful clownfish around you, and accompany you in the happy water.