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Do you need a visa to travel to Russia? How much does a Russian visa cost?

To travel abroad, we must go to the places adjacent to our own country. As our northern brother, Russia is of course the first choice. Especially after last year's World Cup, the number of Chinese tourists to Russia has increased dramatically. After all, the tourism resources and food of the fighting nations are quite attractive. When making a strategy for traveling abroad, we must first understand the visa issue, so it is necessary to travel to Russia Do you need a visa?

Do you need a visa to go to Russia

If it is necessary for an individual to apply for a visa to travel to Russia, he can apply directly to the Russian Embassy and consulate in your jurisdiction. If you are traveling to Russia as a group, you can get a visa. Group tour has many advantages, not only can save visa procedures, along the way there are a lot of people to accompany you, and even a tour guide to explain, the sense of tourism experience is very good.

How much is a Russian tourist visa

The cost of an ordinary one-time visa is about $50, which is about 345 yuan in RMB; the cost of an ordinary two-time visa is $100, which is about 689 yuan; the cost of an ordinary multiple visa is $150, which is about 1034 yuan. It's about 5 working days.

If you want to apply for a Russian visa as soon as possible, you can spend more money to apply for an urgent visa. The cost of one urgent visa is $80, about RMB 552; the cost of two urgent visa is $130, about RMB 896; the cost of multiple urgent visa is $180, about RMB 1241. It will be successful in about three days.

Through the detailed science popularization, I think we all know the related problems of tourist visa to Russia. If you are interested in Russia, you may as well have a look at this article, which will be helpful for you to make strategies.