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When does Guiyang strawberry music festival start? How much is the ticket value of strawberry Music

Friends who like music all know that there are music festivals in many places. Strawberry Music Festival is quite famous. It is a kind of music experience that many young people like. It is romantic, warm, passionate and smooth. At present, Guiyang strawberry Music Festival is about to start. Many people are paying attention to the ticket price of Guiyang strawberry Music Festival and the program list of Guiyang strawberry Music Festival in 2019.

Ticket price of Guiyang strawberry Music Festival

Guiyang strawberry music festival ticket price is about 320 yuan / person, two-day pass price is 480 yuan, hold time is 08.17-08.18 two days, tickets have been hot sales on major website platform, when you buy, you need to enter the buyer's ID card information, each order corresponds to a certificate number, performance time is about 360 minutes, and prohibit food, drink, professional video equipment, play Lighters and other items, these must pay attention to.

2019 Guiyang strawberry Music Festival program list

In addition to the well-known old wolf, there is also Guiyang local musician Chen Li, who is also very popular. Old wolf will be admired, Mr. turtle and hedgehog Sisi, together with fan, penicillin and other bands, has given Guiyang the hottest summer. In this music festival, Xu Binglong, an independent musician after 2000, will present his "white sheep", his "hollow" and "R." which is called "divine song maker" one by one.

It's also a good thing to experience a wonderful music festival when you are young. It's also a kind of relaxation to let yourself be unrestrained. It's worth trying for friends who haven't experienced it yet.