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When can I book tickets for the Mid Autumn Festival? Online booking guide for Mid Autumn Festival tr

We all know that the Mid Autumn Festival is coming soon. Many people will choose to go home on the Mid Autumn Festival. At the same time, it is difficult to book tickets on holidays every year. So, did you buy the ticket to go home on the Mid Autumn Festival? When can I buy it? From August 15, passengers can purchase the train tickets for the mid autumn festival through Internet and telephone, and the pre-sale period is 30 days.

This year's Mid Autumn Festival holiday lasts for three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) from September 13 to 15. From today (August 15), passengers can purchase train tickets on the day of mid autumn festival through Internet and telephone, and order return tickets on the last day of Mid Autumn Festival holiday on August 17.

In May 2019, the railway 12306 website (including mobile phone client) will be fully launched with the standby ticketing service. When passengers purchase tickets on 12306, if there is no ticket for the required train number and seat, they can queue up online for standby. When there is a refund for the corresponding train number and seat, the system will automatically cash the tickets. At present, all trains across the country have implemented the "alternate ticket purchase" service, and those who don't have tickets can pick up the leakage through this service.