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Which city has the lowest temperature in summer vacation? The coolest place in summer vacation

Now many people like to travel, summer tourism must choose cool place, if you come out of the 'stove', and then go to another 'stove', then it is better to stay at home and blow air conditioning? If you don't know where is cooler in summer?


The average annual temperature here is only 19 degrees in summer. Even in winter, the average temperature here is just like that in the north, about 3 degrees. Such a magical city is called Liupanshui, which is located in Guizhou Province.

So why is the city so cool? Although the city is on the plateau, it is cooler than other cities because of the thousands of kilometers of atmospheric clouds that weaken the ultraviolet radiation, and the unique circulation and climate.


Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province, is a city called "Spring City". It is located in the middle of Yunnan Guizhou Plateau, concentrating Yunnan's regional advantages. Kunming is China's Bridgehead City facing Southeast Asia and the most popular tourist city in China. It is warm in spring all the year round and has a pleasant climate. In recent years, it has become one of the most popular summer resort cities in China. More and more people choose to go here for summer vacation.

Kunming has a mountain monsoon climate of low latitude subtropical plateau in north latitude. The temperature in the urban area is between 0 ℃ and 29 ℃, and the annual temperature difference is the smallest in China. Kunming has no severe heat in summer and no severe cold in winter. The annual average temperature in the urban area is about 15 ℃, the monthly average temperature is about 20 ℃ in the hottest time, and the monthly average temperature is about 8 ℃ in the coldest time.


Lhasa is located in the north side of the Himalayas. Affected by the downdraft, it has sunny weather all year round, few rainfall, no severe cold in winter and no severe heat in summer. It belongs to the plateau temperate semi-arid monsoon climate. The highest temperature in history is 29.6 ℃, the lowest is - 16.5 ℃, and the average annual temperature is 7.4 ℃. Rainfall is concentrated in June, July, August and September. The annual sunshine time is more than 3000 hours, which is known as "sunshine city".


Guiyang has no severe heat in summer. The average temperature in summer is 23.2 ℃, and the highest temperature is between 25 ℃ and 28 ℃. In the hottest late July, the average temperature is only 23.7 ℃. There are few days with the highest temperature higher than 30 ℃ in the whole year, which is only 35.8 days in recent five years, and only 0.3 days with the temperature higher than 35 ℃. The ultraviolet intensity only reaches level 4 in a short time at noon, and the rest of the time is weak or very weak; The summer rainfall is abundant, about 500 mm, and the nighttime precipitation accounts for 70% of the annual precipitation. Guiyang has no severe cold in winter, the coldest in the first ten days of January, and the average temperature is 4.6 ℃.


At the foot of the Tianshan Mountains in Yining, Xinjiang, there is a 3000 mu Lavender that is about to bloom all over the mountain. It is full of natural herbs, and there are all kinds of small wild flowers, rape flowers. It is a dreamy colorful flower field. Every summer, when lavender is in full bloom, the whole garden will show a purple sea of flowers. The romantic atmosphere will make you have endless aftertaste. It is a couple preparing for honeymoon Good place to go.