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World's top ten most expensive Yellow Crane Tower listed in 1916

When it comes to cigarettes, everyone should be familiar with it! But we all know that cigarettes are also graded. The prices of cigarettes produced in different periods, different brands and different production methods vary greatly. Some of them even cost hundreds of thousands of yuan a box. So, do you know what are the top ten most expensive cigarettes in the world? From which countries?

Top 10 most expensive cigarettes in the world:

1. Chigar brand broken diamond chain cigar

This kind of cigarette is very luxurious just by looking at its shape. It originated in Holland and can only be used locally. It has a ring of diamond inlaid on it. The price of one cigarette is 4500 euro.

2. Lucky cigarette

Haocai cigarette is one of the most expensive cigarettes in the world. It has a ring of precious platinum Watanabe on the design of cigarette case, and Ruby on the special version. The price of a box is about 660000 yuan.

3. Behike cigars in Cuba

Detailed introduction: this cigar is a limited edition, with a total of 4000 cigars in the world. It is specially launched to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Cohiba brand. The taste and feel of cigarettes are very high-end, and the price is as high as 110000 RMB per box.

4. Cuba Trinidad wooden box cigar

This kind of cigar is often regarded as a national gift. It is a very high-end cigarette. Its taste and taste also belong to a relatively rich type. The price of a box is 39000 yuan.

5. Gao Xiba spear

Detailed introduction: the flavor of this cigar is very hierarchical. It's very spicy at the beginning, and the aftertaste is very delicate. It can be said that it gives people endless aftertaste. The quality is so good, and the price will not be cheap. A box costs about 36000 yuan.

6. Monte one

Gaoxiba spear cigarette has a very high taste, with a light cedar fragrance and a mellow taste. The average price is about 19000 yuan.

7. Youmin Meiguan

Youmin Meiguan cigarette belongs to Havana. It is a Cuban cigar. Its flavor is full-bodied tobacco aroma. The price of each box is about 12000 yuan.

8. Romeo one

Romeo No.1 is a very popular cigarette in European and American countries. Many celebrities love it very much. It tastes mild and smells fragrant. The price is about 10000 yuan.

9. Treasure brand cigarette

Treasurer brand cigarette is a very old brand originated from the UK. Its packaging style is very changeable. If you like to smoke cigars, this cigarette will never let you down.

10. Yellow Crane Tower Limited Edition 1916

Yellow Crane Tower Limited Edition 1916 cigarette is no longer in circulation in the market, belongs to the limited edition, made by hand, each process has a strict standard, each price is about 8500 yuan.