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Is Chengdu hot in August? Where is the coolest place to go to Chengdu in August?

Chengdu can be said to be a popular city on the Internet. Many people want to have a taste of this leisure city. Many people come here for Chengdu's delicious food. After all, there are too many delicious food in Chengdu, which is the "city of delicious food". It's also very good to have a taste of Sichuan tea culture by the way. Is it suitable for Chengdu to travel in August? Many people worry that it will be hot to go to Chengdu in summer vacation?

Is Chengdu suitable for tourism in August

Generally speaking, it's OK to come to Chengdu in August. It may be a bit hot, and there may be a lot of tourists during the summer vacation. If you don't care about it, you can still come. After all, Chengdu is a place suitable for tourism all the year round. The best time for tourism is in spring and autumn. The climate is more comfortable. You can go to Longquan Mountain to enjoy peach blossom in spring and enjoy new scenery in autumn The fragrance of Osmanthus fragrans in dugui lake is beautiful.

Is Chengdu hot in August

In August, Chengdu is still very hot. In general, it is the hottest in July, August and September. It is about 35 degrees and humid. When you go out, you usually choose to go out when the sun is not so warm. When you come to Chengdu in August, you can choose Qingcheng Mountain, Xiling Snow Mountain, jiulonggou, Jiufeng Mountain, Tiantai Mountain, Longchi Forest Park and other summer resorts. These places are cooler than the urban areas Much faster.

Friends who plan to travel to Chengdu in August can pay attention to the weather in advance. If the temperature is too high, they can change places. Traveling in too hot places is also a kind of pain.