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Where is the best place to travel in August? The most suitable place for tourism in August in China

In August, more than half of the summer vacation has passed, but the heat is still unbearable. If you still want to catch the tail of this summer, you can go out for a walk in this month to see the beautiful country. So, what places do you know are suitable for traveling in August?

Where is the best place to travel in August

Zhoushan Islands

Zhoushan archipelago is located in the northeast of Zhejiang Province. It is an archipelago with beautiful scenery and pleasant climate, and there are many scenic spots worth seeing, such as Putuo, Shengsi archipelago, Taohua Island, etc. the charming island scenery has attracted many TV dramas or movies to shoot, such as Han Han's "meet you forever" and Jin Yong's "God carving swordsman". If you have the opportunity, you can come and have a look It's also good to have a look at the sea.


In the hot season of August, it's the most suitable place to stay cool. Libo is the scenic spot you must go to. The weather is very cool and comfortable. There are 68 cascades, the unique aquatic forest landscape of Libo small seven holes, and the green and dignified lake water. It's like a fairyland on earth, a paradise for photography lovers.

Hulun Buir

Hulunbuir prairie is famous for its broad and boundless green carpet scenery, which is a rare green pure land. The best time to travel in Hulunbuir is from May to early August, when the grassland is rich in forage and the climate is pleasant, which is suitable for galloping in the hinterland of the prairie, or boating in Hulun Lake, or staying in yurt for one night to experience the real grassland life.

Changbai Mountain

Changbai Mountain is a beautiful and charming mountain, known as the first mountain in Guandong. Viewing on Changbai Mountain, there is a kind of artistic conception of "seeing all the mountains at a glance". Due to the influence of the vertical change of the terrain, the landscape of Changbai Mountain is different from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain. With the different heights, you will see different viewing zones, which is rare in the world. There is a saying that there are four seasons in a mountain and different days in ten miles. If you travel here, you can have a different summer.

Where is the best place to travel in August? I believe Xiaobian has made it clear to you. Although Amway's attractions are not many, but the quality is the best. It's definitely a good place for summer tourism. I hope it can help you.