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Where are the students going on holiday? Take the summer vacation to Dalian!

This year's summer vacation is in progress, Qianqian students want to do nothing more than travel, where to play in summer vacation? How to go to Dalian in summer vacation? This is a problem that many students will consider. Many people yearn for the sea. The sea is not only vast and rough, but also can bring cool to people. As a famous coastal city in Northeast China, Dalian is surrounded by the sea on three sides and the mountain on one side. It has always been the first choice for people to enjoy the cool in summer.

The sea of Bangchui Island Scenic Spot, I can't help talking about the following place. It's a must for national leaders to visit Dalian, and it's also the best place for retired cadres to recuperate. That's Bangchui island state guest scenic spot in Dalian. Although this is a scenic spot, the villas inside tell us that people who can live here are not ordinary people.

It is located in the east section of Binhai Road in Dalian City, about 5 kilometers southeast of Dalian city. Is a mountain, sea, island, beach as the main landscape of the scenic spot. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides and the sea on one side, surrounded by mountains on the north and open sea area and flat beach on the south. Bangchui island is named because there is a small island standing abruptly on the sea 500 meters away from the shore. From a distance, it looks very like a Bangchui used by a farmer, so it is called Bangchui island. The main peak on the island is 53.1 meters above sea level. You can have a panoramic view of the city and the seaside.

Let's talk about another sea in Dalian. It's called Dalian's back garden. We can see how charming it is. This is Dalian Jinshitan national tourist resort, a place you can't forget.

It is 50 kilometers away from the center of Dalian. The land area is 62 square kilometers and the sea area is 58 square kilometers. Surrounded by the sea on three sides, it is warm in winter and cool in summer with pleasant climate. Its coastline stretches for more than 30 kilometers, condensing a geological wonder of 300-900 million years. The Sinian rocks, which were born 600 million years ago, form a magnificent stone landscape. It is known as "solidified animal world", "natural geological museum" and "divine Sculpture Park".

The eastern Peninsula, the western peninsula and the open hinterland and bathing beach between the two peninsulas are formed. There are Jinshi world celebrity wax museum, stone appreciation Museum, Jinshiyuan Park, wanfuding Park, Chinese martial arts school, Jinshi Discovery Kingdom theme park, Mao Zedong Portrait Gallery, model film and Television Art Center, Jinshi Hunting Club, Jinshi equestrian base, Jinshi International Conference Center, Jinshi Golf Club, Jinwan golf course, etc.

It has become the first choice for people to spend summer. The cool and pleasant climate, delicious and attractive seafood, beautiful and Charming Coast, high-quality and complete facilities, buildings of different styles, mysterious and ancient rocks, unique exhibition hall, crazy and exciting activities, and the largest and international theme park in China have attracted millions of guests from home and abroad to visit here. The colorful theme celebrations such as Dalian International Beach Culture Festival, International Winter Swimming Festival and Grape Garden Party add fresh vitality and infinite charm to Jinshitan.

The place is Dalian Tiger Beach Ocean Park, which is one of the first 5A scenic spots in China. It is built along the coast and is a place that you can't go without.