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What's going on when Qiao's house was delisted? The whole story of Qiao's courtyard being cancelled

As we all know, China's listed scenic spots are mainly divided into five levels, the lowest is A-level scenic spots, the highest is 5A level scenic spots. Although there are hundreds of 5A scenic spots nationwide, as the highest level, there are still a large number of scenic spots under construction, hoping to join the camp of head scenic spots.

Qiao's courtyard is the only 5A scenic spot that has been 'delisted' this time. As of the time of the press release, its official website still has the slogan of 5A scenic spot. It is understood that Qiao's courtyard is not only a national well-known 5A scenic spot, but also a national key cultural relic protection unit, a national second-class Museum, and one of the top ten tourist attractions in Shanxi Province. The so-called 'the Imperial Palace, the residence to see Qiao', qiao courtyard is even known as' a pearl of northern residential architecture '. For the "delisting" incident, Beijing Business Daily reporter called Qiao's courtyard scenic spot, and the relevant staff of the scenic spot said they didn't know about it. Then the reporter saw from the comment website that there were not a few bad comments on the scenic spot. Many tourists thought that the ticket price of the scenic spot was too high, but they didn't enjoy the proper service, and the overall experience was poor.

While other scenic spots are struggling, Shanhaiguan scenic spot in Hebei Province, Juzizhou scenic spot in Hunan Province and shenlongxia scenic spot in Chongqing have been disqualified as 5A scenic spot. At that time, the tourist lovers all over the country were very excited. After all, the scenic spots that had been so long spent in Tucao make complaints about the national rectification and the hope of domestic tourism.

However, it has been three years since the last 5A scenic spot was delisted. During this period, at most, the scenic spot was severely criticized and asked for rectification within a time limit. However, on the last day of July, the Ministry of culture and tourism posted an announcement, which showed that Qiao's compound in Shanxi Province was disqualified from its 5A grade scenic spot qualification, and several other scenic spots were criticized.

Qiao's courtyard in Shanxi Province has also become the fourth scenic spot in China that has been disqualified as a 5A scenic spot. It has become a scenic spot that is not even a scenic spot. However, less than five years have passed since Qiao's courtyard was successfully listed as 5A scenic spot. It has to be said that all previous efforts have fallen short and become a stain in the history of development.

In fact, from the domestic scenic spots often found Tucao, people make complaints about the way they travel. Before, I mainly went to the listed scenic spots, but now I just want to find a few scenic spots, which everyone can see. All this is due to the high ticket price, low service and serious commercialization of the listed scenic spots. What's wrong with Qiao's courtyard?