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Where is Harbin good for summer tourism? Don't miss these scenic spots!

Harbin can be said to be a good place for summer, so if you want to avoid summer in midsummer, you must not miss this place. Well, do you know where to go for summer in Harbin?

1. Central Street (recommended index: ★)

Central street, as a must visit scenic spot to Harbin, is just like Wangfujing to Beijing. It is the place with the most western style in Harbin. The characteristic square stone road looks like a kind of Russian bread, and it is also called bread stone road. Those who have not been to Moscow, Paris, Rome and Greece can appreciate the architectural style of these countries through the western architecture with different styles on the central street.

Highlights along the way:

① Huameixi restaurant, one of the four Western restaurants

② Madiel Hotel, the first foreign hotel in China.

2. Sun Island (recommended index:})

The island is about 10000 meters long from east to west and 4000 meters long from north to south, with a total area of 38000 square meters. There are wetlands and grasslands in the scenic area, with unique scenery: flowers are everywhere, willows are as green as smoke, birds are singing around the trees, and there is a vast river sky around the island. Taiyang island has the largest urban wetland in China, and the tower pier is a beautiful symbol of wetland landscape.

Highlights along the way:

① All kinds of Russian architecture

② Swan Lake, squirrel Island, river crossing cableway

3. Volga Manor (recommended index:)

Volga manor has beautiful scenery, with a large area of gardens and beach wetlands; the winding Ashe river flows through the manor, water and bridge, a beautiful pastoral scenery. The gate of the manor adopts the 17th century Russian Wooden Castle prototype. The manor is built of all wood, which is built by the occlusion between the wood and the wood. In the manor, you can see tall castles and Greek sculptures scattered in the manor.

Highlights along the way:

① Pavlov castle, Pavlov castle is one of the most attractive buildings in the manor, and it is also the wedding site most expected by the newlyweds

② St. Nicholas cathedral is a symbol of snow tower of Harbin Ice and snow culture

4. Lavender manor (recommended index: ★)

Relying on the hilly landscape, the park planted trees such as Sorbaria sorbifolia, Pinus sylvestris, Larix gmelinii, Acer truncatum, and shrubs such as Syringa and raspberry. The flowers in the park are mainly 1 million lavender plants transported by air from Xinjiang, with nearly 50 kinds of precious flowers such as liubeili, malachite grass, salvia, Verbena, Begonia, rose, etc.

Highlights along the way:

① Children's paradise amusement area, water dream entertainment area, popular science base education area, organic agriculture experience area, church lawn wedding area and large food square with famous Southern snacks such as Fujian, Taiwan and Guangdong

② 'white lovers' church is unique in Harbin!

5. Harbin Polar Museum (recommended index: ★)

Harbin Polar Museum is the world's first polar performing and amusement park, located at the entrance of the famous Sun Island Scenic Spot, one of the four major scenic spots of Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, a national 4A scenic spot, and the first polar Museum in China with the theme of polar animal entertainment.

Highlights along the way:

① Fisherman's Wharf, the fisherman's Wharf is modeled on the original appearance of the fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, USA

② Geese island and Moby Dick show in Antarctica