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What are the twelve scenic spots of Jinjiang Park in Chengdu? A list of the differences in the twelv

Chengdu is a famous tourist city in China. Twelve scenic spots will be built in Chengdu Jinjiang park. Do you know which twelve scenic spots are there and what are the highlights? Twelve scenic spots: Wangjiang scenic spot, Hejiangting scenic spot, mengzhuiwan scenic spot, xuxiangdao scenic spot, Dacisi scenic spot, shuhancheng scenic spot, Shaocheng scenic spot, jiulidi scenic spot, Anjing scenic spot, Donghu scenic spot, jiaozi scenic spot and Guixi scenic spot.

12 scenic spots:

1. Wangjiang scenic spot

Including comprehensive museum, Wangjianglou Park, School History Museum and other 24 scenic spots, creating the scenic features of poetry and bamboo elegant charm.

Focusing on poetry culture, bamboo culture and the dominant disciplines of Sichuan University, we will create scenes of cultural creation, research and learning experience, and university life.

2. Hejiangting scenic spot

Chengdu's characteristic leisure culture is romantic waterfront, with the theme of 'tea culture, wine culture and music culture', including 21 scenic spots such as music Avenue, music square and Hejiang Pavilion. It is planned to build the first wharf of confluence of the two rivers, and connect the excellent night tour routes to tour Jinjiang River all night.

3. Mengzhuiwan Scenic Area

Industrial civilization and modern fashion complement each other, food culture and cultural and creative industries coexist.

4. Xiangdao scenic spot

Dufu thatched cottage, Provincial Museum, Qingyang palace, Qintai Road and other 18 scenic spots; integrate Qintai Road, Qingyang palace and Huanhua area to build Tianfu cultural museum ecological living demonstration area.

5. Daci Temple scenic spot

Including Daci Temple, Xizi palace, Xuanzang square and other 24 scenic spots.

To build Tianfu cultural and business demonstration area and international famous urban tourism destination.

6. Shuhan city scenic spot

Including Wuhou Temple, Jinli, shuadu and other 16 scenic spots.

The Three Kingdoms Cultural holy land and folk experience block with Shuhan culture as the theme.

7. Shaocheng scenic spot

With the theme of "folk custom experience, cultural and creative", it is a street culture characteristic and energetic district with Chengdu charm.

Including Kuanzhai alley, Luocheng Ruins Park, Yongling and other 11 scenic spots.

8. Jiulidi scenic spot

We should integrate the industrial cluster of huanjiaotong University, rely on the two sides of Jinjiang River, and create a creative technology and art industry vitality zone.

9. Anjing scenic spot

Taking the characteristic town of Shu embroidery as the core, it displays the urban rural scenic spots that embody the culture of Shu embroidery.

10. East Lake Scenic Area

The industrial heritage of Baiyao factory and the ecological space of East Lake are integrated to create a waterfront dynamic space integrating culture and ecology.

11. Jiaozi scenic spot

To build a highly harmonious and unified Damei Park community with people, city, environment and industry, and to form an innovative and fashionable financial core, shuilvjingmei international community.

12. Guixi scenic spot

Relying on the ecological zone around the city, Jincheng greenway and the surrounding modern service industry cluster, we will build a modern and fashionable urban park complex.