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Is it hot to go to Zhangjiajie in August? Let's take the precautions for traveling to Zhangjiajie in

Is it hot to go to Zhangjiajie in August? Zhangjiajie is a tourist attraction in Hunan Province. The scenery is very beautiful. Many tourists come to Zhangjiajie every year. Is it suitable to visit Zhangjiajie in August?

Is it hot to go to Zhangjiajie in August?

It's a little hot in Zhangjiajie in August. The temperature from July to August is about 30 degrees. The temperature in the scenic area is lower than that in the urban area. The mountain is very cool and suitable for sightseeing. In August, the weather in Zhangjiajie is the hottest month in summer, just like other cities. The temperature will be around 37. At this time, it's OK to come to Zhangjiajie to wear summer clothes. If you want to stay in Tianzishan scenic area, you need to prepare some long sleeve shirts, because the temperature in the scenic area will be about 5 degrees lower than the normal temperature at the foot of the mountain. Sooner or later, it will feel cool in the scenic area, so you need to pay special attention It's a reminder that the temperature in the scenic area is very comfortable at night, and you need to cover the quilt at night!

Precautions for traveling to Zhangjiajie in August

1, tourists in the scenic area are shunting in time. Tourists must remember to sign up and book in advance, provide corresponding name, gender and ID card number. Then, we travel agents to book tickets for tourists in advance, otherwise they will have to queue up for a long time to buy tickets.

2. When you need to climb mountains, please wear loose clothes, girls don't wear high heels, please wear flat shoes, climbing shoes, love beautiful girls had better wear a hat. Climbing requires a certain amount of physical strength, so it is inconvenient to take too much luggage up the mountain. Please put your luggage in the hotel in advance, and you can prepare more food or water on your body.

3. The temperature in the scenic area is relatively humid. When you stay in the Inn at night, there will be more mosquitoes and flying insects. Please take some insect repellents with you to ensure that you can have a good night's sleep.

4. The temperature in August is relatively high. Although the scenic area is covered with trees, it is also very important to avoid heatstroke. Please take some common cold and heatstroke medicine with you. Only in good health can you ensure the smooth progress of the journey.

5. Around Zhangjiajie City, there are many "wild horse" guides who use various means to lure tourists into taking the bait. They will pretend to be train men, local cadres, etc., cheat tourists with low prices, and then kill them with high prices on the way. Some even lose their customers when they earn money, and they can't find anyone after being cheated. We must pay attention to this!

6. In addition, some hotel service places in the scenic area usually offer some low-cost massage services. You must be careful. This is likely to be pornographic blackmail!

7. During the journey, we must follow the guide's arrangement. Many unscrupulous businessmen are interested in the fact that the tourists are outsiders, so they make great efforts to cheat them. So when you come to travel, don't walk around at will. Please follow the team.

8. Finally, don't be greedy for small and cheap things. No matter how you choose the travel routes of travel agencies or the goods in scenic spots, you should remember this. Things that are cheap on the surface will have some problems in essence.