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Where is lavender in China? The most famous lavender flower sea in China

Now is the time to enjoy lavender. When it comes to lavender flower sea, the first thing you think of is the lavender flower sea in Provence, France, and fulianye, Japan. In fact, lavender is not only found in foreign countries, but also in China. It's just that the fame is not as big as that in foreign countries, but the scenery is also magnificent, just like the singing of park tree, as brilliant as summer flowers. So, where is the lavender sea in China?

Xinjiang Yili Lavender base

The well-known lavender flower sea in China belongs to the lavender base in Yili, Xinjiang. Lavender has been planted here for more than 40 years, and the planting area accounts for 95% of the national planting area. It also enjoys the reputation of Provence in the East. When the lavender season comes, the whole earth is like overturning the purple pigment box. With the fragrance of lavender, it's very romantic to walk in it.

Ningxia Aiyi lavender manor

July is the flowering season of lavender. Lavender in Ayi lavender manor in Ningxia is blooming in clusters of purple flowers. The sea of flowers is rippling with the breeze. The fragrance is romantic and refreshing in the air. It is as brilliant as lavender in Provence. It forms a strange landscape with the surrounding golden sand, which is quite desert Amorous feelings.

Luoyang Chinese lavender manor

The lavender manor is located on the East Bank of Yihe River. It plays an important role in the cultivation of lavender because of its unique geographical location. A large area of lavender is planted in the manor. With love as the theme and romantic love culture as the design soul, the lavender flower field and other plants are used to create a romantic world of love. The vast purple flower sea is a favorite place for lovers to take photos and get married Place.

Where there is a sea of lavender flowers, it's in the places recommended by Xiaobian. You don't have to go abroad to Provence to see lavender. The lavender at home is worth having. Now is also the season of lavender in full bloom, do not take advantage of now to see the gorgeous and romantic purple sea of flowers?