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Guilin Yangshuo a scenic spot fire! There are three cameras in the female bathroom of the scenic spo

On July 22, Beijing tourist Ms. Wang and her party of 16 came to Yangshuo, Guilin for a tour. That afternoon, after drifting in a scenic spot, they went to the women's bathroom on the second floor to wash. In the process of changing clothes, Ms. Wang and others found that there were three cameras installed on the locker in the bathroom. Ms. Wang and her party asked the scenic spot to delete the video and apologize for compensation, but the scenic spot thought it was not at fault. When the negotiation failed, Ms. Wang chose to call the police. How did the scenic area respond to this?

Three cameras in the women's bathroom? Tourists report to the police

At more than 9 p.m. on July 22, the reporter met Ms. Wang, who was taking notes at Xingping police station of Yangshuo County Public Security Bureau in Guilin city.

Ms. Wang said that on the afternoon of July 22, they came to longjinghe river rafting scenic spot in Yangshuo County, Guilin city. After the rafting, because their clothes were wet, they came to the women's bathroom provided by the scenic spot for washing. Just as we were changing clothes, Ms. Wang and others found that there were three cameras installed above the lockers in the women's bathroom.

Tourist Ms. Wang: 'when we came out to get clothes, we didn't know what the problem was. At this time, there was a tourist who didn't wear clothes. She came out to buy clothes for changing. The staff who sold clothes for changing told her, don't run like this. We have surveillance here. At this time, we found that there are three cameras in the dressing room. '

The reporter saw from the video provided by Ms. Wang that the female bathroom is divided into two parts. The external part is the storage room provided by the scenic area for tourists, while the internal part facing the storage room is provided for tourists to take a shower.

Tourist Ms. Wang: 'this camera is facing the dressing room. I came out from here to pick up my clothes. Then I took a 360 degree photo of me without dead angle (did you take off your clothes here?) Yes, I took off my clothes and went in to take a bath. I took a bath and came out to take my clothes It's definitely going to be taken. There is also a camera on this side of the row. You can see this angle, which is directly opposite to the door, and you can see the middle, because many people not only change clothes outside, because it is impossible for people to change clothes in the bathroom, but also on the bench, because it is impossible to carry clothes into the bathroom. '

What is the purpose of installing three cameras beside the shower area?

Ms. Wang told reporters that everyone was changing clothes at that time, and many people didn't notice the camera in the bathroom storage room. After suspecting that they had been photographed, 16 women found the scenic spot together and asked for an explanation.

Ms. Wang, tourist: 'ask them to apologize, delete the video, remove the camera, and then ask for five times compensation. At that time, they were determined not to. When the police came, they took out the memory card of the camera. We said we would delete the camera and discuss other issues. '

The reporter learned that before calling the police, a woman in charge of the scenic spot had a preliminary negotiation with the tourists. At that time, 16 female tourists asked the scenic spot to delete the video immediately, apologize, and compensate five times of the 160 yuan ticket price of the scenic spot. After the negotiation failed, the tourists called the police.

Ms. Wang: "at that time, the female person in charge of the scenic spot kept asking us what you want and what you want. We didn't upload it to the Internet, and we didn't send it out. What do you want from us? Their attitude made us feel very angry. When I was photographed, my right of privacy had been violated. '

Scenic response: no invasion of privacy for security reasons

That night at the police station, a person in charge of the scenic spot office surnamed Mo also came to the police station to make a record. He said that the installation of cameras in the women's bathroom storage room in the scenic area was mainly for safety reasons.

Mr. Mo, director of Longjing river drifting scenic spot office in Yangshuo County, Guilin City, made a record at the police station

(is there a sign on this side of the locker saying that this area is monitored?)

Mr. Mo: there is no notice, but if there is a storage cabinet installed on site, it must be equipped with monitoring system. Three year olds all know that there must be water to take a bath. How is a bathroom without a tap?

Mr. Mo said that the women's bathroom in the scenic spot is a new shower which opened on July 4, including shower room and storage room. He believes that the storage room and shower room in the female bathroom have been partitioned, so the cameras installed do not infringe on the privacy of tourists.

Tourists do not agree with Mr. Mo's explanation. Ms. Du, a tourist from Shanghai, told reporters that the female bathrooms in the scenic spot, on the one hand, have no camera tips; on the other hand, the design of the female bathrooms makes people think that it is a private space, and there is no saying that the shower and storage have been separated.

tourist Ms. Du: 'it says the women's bathroom. The women's bathroom goes upstairs from here. When you walk in, there is a prompt. This is the women's bathroom going upstairs, and then the men stop. I think it's a very private place for women to go. It's very clear here that the women's bathroom is from here. There's a monitor in this room. They pasted it immediately after we called the police. Later, when we went in, they pasted it There are no signs. This camera is facing the women's bathroom, which can be photographed. '

Mr. Mo, director of Longjing river drifting scenic spot office in Yangshuo County, Guilin City: 'it's her freedom to take a bath. She can be naked if she wants to, right? (don't you know they're naked or half naked here in the storage room?) We see a prompt (how many people are there?) A staff member (how many tourists do you come here in a day?) Not necessarily. '

Later, Mr. Mo, the person in charge of the scenic spot, said that they could do the request of deleting the video and apologizing, but the compensation request put forward by the tourists still needs further negotiation. The reporter learned from the local police that the scenic spot had deleted the video and apologized, and made compensation according to the tourists' requirements.