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Where is the best place to stay in Chengde summer resort? Hotel recommendation near Chengde Summer R

Chengde Mountain Resort, the imperial palace of ancient China, is the place for the emperors of Qing Dynasty to spend summer and deal with government affairs. Located in the north of Chengde City, Hebei Province. It is one of the three ancient buildings in China and listed in the world cultural heritage list. Its biggest characteristic is that there is a garden in the mountain, and there is a mountain in the garden. The mountain area accounts for 4 / 5 of the whole garden area. From the peak in the northwest to the marsh and plain in the southeast, the relative equidistance is 180 meters, forming a landscape surrounded by peaks and crisscross gullies, with clear springs flowing in the valley and deep forests. So, where is the best place to stay in Chengde summer resort?

Recommended hotels near Chengde Mountain Resort:

1. Chengde summer resort yurt Resort

Address: Chengde downtown Resort (in wanshuyuan scenic area)

Hotel Introduction: the original site of the resort was built in the 19th year of Emperor Qianlong. It is also called huanglie hall and dalie. It is the temporary palace of the emperor. The scenic spot is adjacent to the temple of Putuo Zongcheng and Puyou temple in the north, and to the cableway of qinghammer peak, Pule temple and Puren temple in the East.

2. Chengde Tianyuan Holiday Hotel

Address: Building 4, Bifeng folk culture street, Shuangqiao District, Chengde City Center (near Bifeng gate)

Hotel Introduction: Chengde Tianyuan holiday hotel is located in building 4, Bifeng folk culture street, Shuangqiao District. It is located at the south entrance of Bifeng Gate Road, facing the wall of summer resort. Walking to Dehui shopping mall, Rehe building, etc., the hotel is surrounded by bars, Western restaurants, South Beauty, daqinghua, Manchu and Han all kinds of special restaurants, with superior geographical location and beautiful environment.

3. Chengde Lizhi Express Hotel

Address: back road of dazhenzigou, bifengmen, summer resort, Shuangqiao District, Chengde City Center

Highlight: it is located in the back road of dazhenzigou on the west side of Bifeng gate of summer resort. It is only five minutes' drive away from the resort. It is close to saiwaiyefengzhai, Tongshan Park, Chengde department store, etc. it has superior geographical location and convenient transportation.

4. Chengde Tongxin apartment

Address: 46 dazhenzigou Road, Shuangqiao District, Chengde City Center

Highlight: the apartment covers an area of 3600 square meters and all rooms are air-conditioned. Tongxin restaurant covers an area of 1200 square meters. It can accommodate 300 people at the same time. Its operation is oriented to the public. The apartment is about 10 minutes' drive from Chengde railway station, with superior geographical location, which is an ideal choice for business tourists.