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Can I go to Yantai by plane? Best route to Yantai Long Island

It can be said that it's a good time to spend the summer vacation. If you want to spend the summer vacation, you must not miss Shandong Province. The island scenery of Shandong Long Island is very beautiful, and the pictures of mountains and rivers are very suitable for a long vacation. It's just the summer vacation. There are many tourists here. If you are lucky, you can still see a mirage. So, how to get to Yantai Long Island?

How to get to Yantai Long Island


No matter where you come from, if you want to go to Long Island, you have to go to Penglai wharf first. This is the only port to enter long island. Long island port is the main port to enter and leave the island. From 5:30 to 18:00 every day, Ro / Ro and high-speed passenger ships run every 30 minutes, providing convenience for tourists to come to long island for sightseeing. There are many ferries in and out of the island during the peak tourist season, so there is no need to worry about whether they can get on board.


Friends who come by train will directly take bus to Penglai after leaving Yantai Station. After Yantai Station comes out, take bus to Yantai long distance bus station, and then take bus. The departure time is 6:00-18:00, and every 20 minutes (ticket price is 22 yuan, with air conditioning). After arriving in Penglai, get off and take a taxi to Penglai wharf. The fare is about 7 yuan. After that, buy a ticket and go to Changdao by boat. The ticket is 23 yuan per person.


If you go to Yantai by plane, you can take a bus from the airport to the long-distance bus station in the city. The fare is 10 yuan / person at Yantai Laishan airport, and 30 yuan / person by taxi to the city. After arriving at the bus station, take the bus from Yantai to Penglai bus station, 20 minutes a time, the fare is 17 yuan / person. Then from Penglai bus station to Penglai port, take a taxi about 7 yuan. Get on the boat at Penglai port and go to long island. The ticket is 23 yuan per person.

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