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Which province is zagana in? Take zhagana tourism strategy!

Gansu's geographical location also causes many people to travel there every year. So, where's Zaga? How to travel in Zaga?

Zagana is located in Diebu County, which is at the junction of southern Gansu and Sichuan, about 30 kilometers away from the county. The scenery here is pleasant, the attractive green, the primitive simplicity, the wonderful scenery, everything looks so beautiful and natural, but the terrain of zagana is not only like a large-scale giant palace, but also like a natural cliff structure, very magnificent.

Tourism strategy of zagana

Address: Diebu county at the junction of southern Gansu and Sichuan

Features: photography, outing, National Geopark

Best time to visit: July September

Admission: there is no admission fee in zagana at present

Opening hours: all year round

Introduction to the scenic spot: 'zhagana' is a complete natural 'stone city' in Tibetan, which means' shixiazi '. It is commonly known as' Yama Palace'. The terrain is not only like a grand palace, but also like a complete ancient city built by natural cliff.

Transportation guide

From Lanzhou to Diebu, the South Station of Lanzhou bus departs. There are three buses to Diebu every day. The departure time is 8:40, 9:40 and 10:20 respectively. It's about 30 kilometers from Diebu county to zagana, about half an hour, 60-100 yuan one way, asphalt road has been connected to the villages. If you charter a car from Langmu temple, 350 yuan / car / 7 seats, you can get to the village directly.

Self driving: self driving can take G213 national road or G212 National Road, the former is easier to walk, the latter is more difficult to walk. Starting from Lanzhou in the north and Chengdu in the south, take national highway G213. No matter where you go or where you come from, you will turn east into provincial highway S313 in Hongxing Township, Ruoergai County, Sichuan Province, and enter Diebu County, Gansu Province. You can see a county road to the north. There is a crossing gate of "welcome to zagana Forest Park". Drive about 20 kilometers to zagana.

Package carpooling: in addition to the above two ways, there is a third way is package carpooling, which makes the journey more diversified and more arbitrary.