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Do you want tickets for Qinghai Ta'er temple? How much does Ta'er Temple cost?

Located in Huangzhong, Xining, Ta'er temple is also the birthplace of master zongkaba, the founder of the Yellow religion. It is one of the most important temples of Gelug Sect (yellow Religion) in Tibetan Buddhism. Moreover, Ta'er temple is the Buddhist Center of Qinghai Province and Northwest China and the holy land of yellow religion. Ta'er temple is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Xining, with its magnificent architecture and rich treasures, giving people a magnificent visual feast and a strong religious atmosphere. With such a macroscopic building, I think all my friends want to know how much the ticket is?

How much is the ticket to Ta'er temple

Ta'er temple is an ancient architectural complex composed of many halls, Scripture halls, pagodas and colleges. Different from other temples, its architectural pattern is not symmetrically distributed along the central axis, but each scripture hall, main hall and pagoda are irregularly distributed on a small hill. Therefore, when tourists are playing, the route is more casual, rather than walking along the central axis. ​​​​​​​

In the off-season, the full price ticket is 40 yuan and the half price ticket is 20 yuan; in the peak season, the full price ticket is 70 yuan and the half price ticket is 35 yuan. Free tickets for students, the elderly and the disabled: half tickets for active servicemen, disabled servicemen, retired military cadres and children under 1.2m, of which butter flower hall, Yinjing temple, murals and Thangka are required to enter with tickets; there are fixed-point commentators in the temple, according to the number of people, 20 yuan / person for less than 5 people and 10 yuan / person for more than 5 people.

The above editor has already told you how much the ticket is for Ta'er temple, and now is a good time to visit Xining. The temperature is just right, and the excited friends don't take advantage of the coolness to visit.