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The most beautiful place in Gansu, zhaga, which month is the best?

Zhagana is a small and primitive Tibetan village. The scenery is very charming. It is a very good place in the whole Gannan region, and it is not a hot tourist place. The whole village is very primitive. So, which month is suitable for Zaga? If you want to see the most beautiful scenery, you must choose the right time. Do you know the most beautiful month in Zaga?

Zhagana village is further divided into four small villages, which are dongwa village, yeri village, dari village and Daiba village from bottom to top. If you want to shoot large films, Xiaobian suggests that it is more suitable in the early morning. Every morning, there are almost clouds between the rock walls on the mountain, and the starry sky is beautiful when the lights are out at night, which is a good opportunity to take photos. If you have enough time, you can also take 1-2 hours to climb the back mountain of dongwa village to see the temple on the top of the mountain. The dwellings along the way are all ancient buildings, and the wooden wedge riveting structure is even more ancient and strange.

What month do you go to zagana

If you go to zagana, Xiaobian recommends June to August. The scenery is good and the climate is comfortable. During this period, the temperature in zagana is generally between 15 ℃ and 30 ℃, which is cool and pleasant. The grassland is full of Gesang flowers. No matter sightseeing, photography, or visiting the traditional life of the simple Tibetan people, it is a wonderful place that you can't miss.

Zhagana is a popular tourist destination for many tourists. It's primitive and far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and the scenery is so beautiful that it has its own filter. Most photographers like this natural beauty.