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Where is better for long island tourism? Best place to stay on Long Island

Now we can say that it's summer season. If you want to avoid summer, you might as well go to the north. Long island in Yantai, Shandong Province, is known as the "fairyland on the sea". For friends who see the sea for the first time, this place can absolutely satisfy your fantasy about the sea. Find a small fisherman to live for a few days and feel that the fisherman's life is very good. So, where is the best place to live in Long Island? Where is the most convenient place to live on Long Island?

Where to live on Long Island

South Changshan Island

South Changshan island is a relatively prosperous island. Almost 65% of the tourists will choose to stay here. It is the seat of Changdao County Government and the dock. The island is rich in tourism resources, including Fengshan, Linhai, fairyland source and other scenic spots. Besides yujiale, there are also star hotels and hotels to choose from, which are clean and comfortable.

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North Changshan Island

Beichangshan island is also a place for accommodation. 34% of tourists choose to live here. Basically, more people live here for a short time. There are many scenic spots in Beidao, such as Yueliangwan, jiuzhangya, wangfujiao, etc. The accommodation is mainly for fishermen's family. There are several rooms in a family, which are integrated with food and accommodation. Part of the yujiale has no air conditioning and independent toilet, so you should pay attention to the conditions before lodging.

Recommended Hotels: Changdao Xinyan yujiale, Changdao Yueyue Yujia Inn, Changdao Xinglong Yujia, Changdao Century Holiday Hotel, Changdao Haihua Yujia

If it's convenient to live in Long Island and go to various scenic spots, I recommend these two places for you. The accommodation is quite good. Friends who travel can consider it. There are all kinds of accommodation.