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Is Xining far from Ta'er temple? How can I get to Ta'er temple from Xining?

Ta'er temple is one of the most popular temples in Xining. It has a strong religious atmosphere, and the architecture of the whole temple is also very impressive. It has a history of more than 400 years. It is better to visit Xining and pray here. How many kilometers from Xining to Ta'er temple? How can I take a bus from Xining to Ta'er temple?

How many kilometers from Xining to Ta'er temple

It's about 28 kilometers from otar temple in Xining city. It's about 40 minutes' drive, and the distance is not very far. If you come here for the first time, you are advised to buy a tour ticket. Because you can't worship the incarnation of master zongkaba and appreciate the "three wonders" in the temple without entering the main hall and the Sutra Academy. There is a guide service at the ticket office of otar temple. It's recommended to hire a guide, because The historical connotation of Ta'er temple is very profound. Without the guide's explanation, you will miss many interesting stories.

How can I get to Xining Temple by bus

You can take bus No. 909 at Kunlun leather city next to Xining railway station, or there are many buses to Ta'er temple at Xining management station (the intersection of Nanchuan East Road and Nanshan Road in the south of the city). The ticket price is about 5 yuan. You can also take a taxi here, about 15 yuan per person. Xining caojiabao airport is about 60 kilometers away from Ta'er temple, about an hour's drive.

The architecture of Ta'er temple is worth watching. Remember to turn the Sutra tube clockwise, and the three wonders of Ta'er temple. You can go to the Dharma Association. During this period, there will be various activities such as sun drying, Dharma dancing, etc., which are very lively.