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What did a 7-year-old boy experience when he became CEO?

Recently, garbage sorting has become the topic of fire, and the story of a little boy who became CEO by garbage sorting in the United States has also attracted media attention. He has been interested in garbage sorting since he was 3 years old. At the age of 7, he set up a garbage recycling company. He is dedicated to environmental protection. He was awarded the "youth miracle" award and appeared on a popular program in the United States.

According to CNN, the "little garbage Prince" is Ryan Hickman, from California. He has learned garbage sorting since he was 3 years old under the guidance of his parents. Little Ryan showed great enthusiasm for garbage sorting, sorting all the bottles and cans at home.

One day, Ryan said to his father, "Dad, why don't I help my neighbor sort the plastic bottles? 'the next day after school, Ryan went door-to-door with plastic bags to collect plastic bottles. Except for some heavy things that he needed his father's help, he did everything himself and enjoyed it.

In this way, more and more people were moved by Ryan's behavior and persistence and joined in one after another. As the business grew, Ryan's parents decided to help their son register a company to recycle waste. The office is located at home. Ryan is the CEO. His father is in charge of creativity and his mother is in charge of business.

Ryan's recycling company was born. Every day, Ryan would go out with his parents to expand business, clean, dry and load the plastic bottles collected, and then transport them to the recycling yard for sale. In their neighborhood, you can often see Ryan wearing a green T-shirt, driving a car on the road.

Since the establishment of the company, Ryan has become more and more motivated, and the company has become more and more large-scale. It has not only green T-shirts, but also regular websites, and even trash cans with its own company logo.

Over the past few years, Ryan has recovered 3.4 million plastic bottles, with a total weight of 31 tons, and sold them for about 80000 yuan.

For this money, Ryan has his own plan, part of which is donated to charity, the other part is used to buy a large garbage truck, and the rest is the cost of his future school, but these are not Ryan's ultimate goal.

After visiting the Marine Mammal Center, Ryan learned that marine pollution is very serious. He decided to rescue marine life in his own way. He began to sell the company's T-shirts on the official website, and donated all the proceeds to the Pacific Mammal Center. Unexpectedly, the sales were in short supply and the sales were very good.

At the same time, due to the sale of T-shirts, more and more people begin to pay attention to the protection of the marine environment. Ryan has been hired as the ambassador of the Pacific Marine Mammal Center to speak for the public welfare. He has also been awarded the "youth miracle" award by CNN and appeared on the American popular show "Allen Show".

However, Ryan has not lost his way because of these auras. He still insists on collecting garbage from door to door every day and picking up garbage on the beach with his father on weekends.